Ellie is So Funny!


Ellie makes us laugh every day! She also makes us CRAZY every day too… but in the end, her silly, sweet, funny, sensitive, caring spirit beats the worst of moments! 🙂

Here are some funny things from this month….

  • One night Zach and Ellie were reading about Samson in her Bible Story book. She said “what’s his name?” and Zach said “Samson” and Ellie said, “No, what’s the Lion’s name” (apparently there’s a lion on the page) and Zach said he didn’t know. Her answer: “maybe it’s Lion King”. ha!
  • She got some new books from Santa and I said “maybe you can read it at bedtime tonight” (since Zach and her typically read three stories at bedtime). She answered back, so serious, “I can’t read! It’s too hard!” And then I had to explain that daddy would read it to her until she learned to read! 🙂
  • We were reading about Tiana in her princess book one day and she asked me what the girl’s name was – I told her it was Tiana. She said, “Her name is hail, hail all our friends are here! That’s her name too!” That song is from a musical book we have that plays that song when Tiana is on the page… it’s so funny that she put those two together!
  • Ellie loves a tiger stuffed animal that Grammy got for her from American Furniture Warehouse a year and a half ago. The other day she drove past a different AFW with Grammy and asked her, “Is that where you got my tiger?” I can’t believe how amazing her memory is!
  • For Ellie’s birthday, the cake came with Ariel and Flounder cake topper toys. We kept the Ariel figurine and Ellie plays with it often. The flounder figurine was kind of small so I ended up throwing it away so Ethan didn’t get it and choke on it. We told her it went in the trash and the trash man took it. Just last week (two months later) we saw a trash truck driving down the street. She asked what it was and I told her it was a trash truck. Then she said, “Is my flounder on that truck!?” ha!
  • She was playing with new Christmas toys one day and I was trying to get a picture of her. I said “can you smile for mommy” and her reply, without looking up at me was “I can’t, I’m working!”
  • Ellie has a funny sense of humor. One night she asked for ice cream on her pizza, then she paused for a second and then started giggling! She knew she was telling a “joke”
  • We were driving in the car and Ellie was curious about the arm rest to her car seat – it doesn’t move up and down like the normal car arm rest. So then this followed:

    Ellie: Did dad glue it?

    Me: No

    Ellie: Did dad hammer it

    Me: No

    Ellie: Did someone build it?

    Me: Yes

    Ellie: With Screw divers (drivers) and hammers?

    Me: Yes

  • One morning she was laying next to Zach while watching a show. He hadn’t been bugging her about snuggling or anything, he was just watching the show too. Out of nowhere, she said “Fine! You can hold me. Just don’t squish me.” so funny!

She enjoys singing with her new Dora microphone…


And dressing up like a princess….She will also dance if music is playing.


She loves her new Klip-Klop stable that we went and got with Christmas money from Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Inman.


Ellie is amazing. Never have I thought it was possible to love someone who drives me so bonkers! When she’s good, she is SO GOOD. When she’s a stinker, she is such a mess! We definitely have our hands full! We are continually praying that God helps show us how to raise this little girl to love Him, to be sweet and kind, to be patient, caring and respectful. I know she takes things we say and do to heart but she also really likes to push the limits and see what she can get away with.

Let’s see how 2014 works out for her and for us!! 🙂

We have more pictures in the December 2013 Photo Album.