Ellie is Five!


Our beautiful little girl turned 5 years-old in October! I cannot believe we have a 5-year-old! Ellie is doing great in her pre-K class this year. Her teachers say that she is quite the leader and encourager. She loves crafts and coloring. Ellie has an amazing imagination and really likes playing make believe – either by dressing up or making up stories with her Barbies. She watches videos on YouTube of people opening toys and she likes to pretend that she’s taking a video of her doing things, often. She’s still a picky eater, but we’re working on trying new foods a little bit at a time. She still rides her bike with training wheels, loves playing on the playground or doing anything outside. She loves horses and dogs and her favorite color is still pink. She loves swimming and gymnastics!

For Ellie’s birthday, we had a small party at home on Halloween – it’s always going to be a challenge having her share her birthday with Halloween. After gifts and cake, we took the kids trick-or-treating! They were adorable! Ellie was a butterfly-fairy-princess and Ethan was Batman! 🙂


Then, a week later, we had her friend’s birthday party at the recreation center down the street for a gymnastics birthday party. The kids had so much fun! They did lots of activities in the gym, then did a craft and had cake before opening presents. Ellie had fun opening gifts, but would get really shy when she opened a gift she really liked. One time, she turned to me and whispered “mom! It’s what I’ve always wanted!” It was so cute!


We definitely have our struggles with our 5-year-old – she is stubborn and hard-headed at times and we are all still trying to figure out how best to discipline and encourage her. Sometimes it is very hard to motivate her – which will get more interesting as homework becomes more difficult! Ellie is very kind to her friends at school and even kids she does not know, but quite the stinker to her little brother. She is definitely no longer shy like she used to be – she will talk to anyone that will talk to her and generally wants to tell them her life story!

It will be fun to see how Ellie blossoms over the next year!