Ellie found her Feet


At 20 weeks, Ellie’s two favorite things are sucking on her left hand and grabbing her right foot with her right hand. She doesn’t yet grab her left foot – but maybe soon. The weather has been so nice lately that she’s gone without socks quite a bit and I think it’s helped her discover her feet! Not only does she like grabbing her right foot, but any time she’s eating if her feet are touching anything (the couch, a pillow, an armrest) she bends her leg to continue moving her foot across the thing touching it. It’s really cute.

Ellie also really enjoys sucking on her bib. She is constantly wearing a bib now because she slobbers so much (it saves us from changing her outfits a lot). She’ll suck on anything, but the bib is conveniently there and she can’t drop it. We try to get her to put other things in her mouth… but she just ends up dropping it after a while.

Tummy time has been more successful lately – she gets up on her elbows and keeps her head up longer. When she lays on her back, she likes to roll to her side and watch whatever we’re doing. Time in the Bumbo is also more fun because she sits up like a big girl and interacts with us while sitting up!

Ellie has eaten much better this week during the day. We’ve only had a few times that she still fights me – but it’s not bad at all. She’s still waking up quite a bit at night – but we’re working on that…


I had a hard time picking favorites this week… Ellie is just so adorable! She makes us laugh so much!  Zach and I are always saying to each other “she’s such a sweet baby!” Here’s a link to this week’s pictures in:  March 2011 album.