Ellie – a few weeks into school!


Ellie has been in school for two and a half weeks now. She still isn’t good at answering questions about school, but she shares information as she wants to! 🙂

Ellie is working on getting comfortable with her teacher and she loves the assistant teacher that is always in her class. She’s really good at being able to go into her classroom, see the assistant teacher and then say goodbye to me without it being a big deal! Mr. Hoot is a puppet owl that comes out in class to give them supplies for an activity. I’m pretty sure Ellie thinks Mr. Hoot is real! They have colored quite a bit and I think they’ve started working on writing letters. They’ve gone to the library a few times and the computer lab. She was really excited when she told us about both of those visits. She sings a song about “Mat Man” – the kids draw body parts on Mat Man and sing about his head, arms, eyes, etc. She also learned “Where is Thumbkin?” and she loves singing it at home.

Some other happenings with Ellie the last few weeks:

  • Two days before school started, we dislocated Ellie’s elbow! By “we” – it was the fault of both me and her! She was being a stinker and I said “ok, Ellie, let’s stand up!” and I attempted to pick her up by her hands and she resisted – not good! She instantly started screaming and I knew we dislocated her elbow! We headed to the doctor and she would only scream as we turned corners. I put her in the stroller and took her into the doctor’s office – hoping that as she sat in the stroller she would get jostled less. While we were waiting for the doctor, she just started to move her arm and was like “mom! It doesn’t hurt anymore!” I was amazed!!! The doctor still checked her out, but he basically said that she just popped it back in place herself! After that she was totally happy!!
  • Ellie likes to pretend to be the mommy or daddy and come home from work. She “came home” one day and I said to her “how was your day” and she answered “The traffic was so bad but I’m so glad to be home!” It was so sweet!
  • Ellie tries to be a sweet big sister, sometimes. When we’re at McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A, she loves helping him climb the play place!
  • I don’t remember why she said this, but one day she said “Shoot! Oh darn it! That’s so sad!” It was so funny!
  • We took the kids to Pirate’s Cove the week before school started. It was the perfect size for our kids. Ellie LOVED the lazy river! 🙂
  • On the playground one day she asked a little girl if she wanted to be her friend. The girl said “no” and Ellie said “well, I guess you’re gonna miss out!” Zach and I both busted up laughing!!
  • I took the kids to Monkey Bizness last week. I thought it was going to be the same size as Little Monkey Bizness, but it was BIG. Ellie did alright – she had quite a bit of fun, but some kids did get a little too rough for her. We’ll have to stick to Little Monkey Bizness for a while.
  • Last weekend, Greg, Jen, Noah and Baby Emma came to my parents house to visit. We went over to visit for a bit and have the kids play. Noah and Ellie and Papa had fun playing with some toys in the backyard. Ellie even wanted to hold Emma… it was pretty sweet!


Ellie LOVES our friends, Two Way Crossing. They are an up-and-coming band in Nashville. Here, she’s singing to “Can You Feel It?” by Two Way Crossing and she’s doing the motions she made up! I love when she sings their songs!!

This girl is so fun! She’s a stinker at times, but she’s so fun!!

Here’s a photo we took a few weeks ago before church – guess who didn’t want to take a picture!


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