Eleanor Grace Scholz


Announcing the birth of our darling little girl!

Born: 10/31/2010 @ 9:12 am Mountain Daylight Time

Weight:  7 lbs, 6 oz

Length:  19.5”

Head Circumference:  13.5”

Our Birth Story:

So our Birth Story is probably like many, but we don’t know anyone who had this situation.  Lori woke me up at 5:45 am with the announcement
“Zach – My water just broke” – to which I replied – “What – are you kidding??”.  My reply was this abrupt because at this point, she’d not had a single contraction – no sign of labor at all.

While she was getting cleaned up – I went to the grocery store to procure some absorbent material so we could go out in public and spend the day “walking the mall” or whatever – laboring (as we had been prepared to do).  During this cleanup process, her contractions began in earnest.  She quickly (within 30 minutes or so) had contractions that lasted 1 full minute in duration and were spaced about 5 minutes apart.

We talked about getting ready and going to get some breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels. We called Lori’s parents to tell them they should come hang out in Denver for the day.

While getting ready, her contractions maintained their duration, but the pace quickened to a furious three and a half minutes between contractions. We called my folks to have them go get the Einstein’s for us so Lori could continue to labor in the privacy and comfort (if there was any to be had) of our own home – with me by her side. When we realized going out to breakfast wouldn’t happen, we called Lori’s parents back to tell them they might want to hurry, we weren’t sure how this was going to go.

At 8:00 am, while my folks were getting Einstein’s, the contraction pace quickened again to about two and a half minutes apart – which signaled our time to head to the hospital (Einstein’s or not).  We headed out the door and passed my parents on the way down our street – which kind-of looked like a car to car hi-five – but with a bagel in hand. With a third call to Lori’s parents that we were heading to the hospital!

Below is a picture of Lori – just before leaving the house…this look on her face of happiness would soon turn to a grimace as the contractions were getting STRONGER…


We were so blessed to hit every single green light on the way to the hospital – which, if you’ve ever been to Highlands Ranch, you know there were at least 100 lights to go through on the way.  This was MOST important as Lori was quickly entering the Transition phase of labor.  She tried her best to lift herself off of the car seat, as the roads in Highlands Ranch leave much to be desired in terms of smoothness, but either way – laboring the car is NOT ideal.

We arrived at Sky Ridge Hospital around 8:20 and entered through the Emergency Room entrance.  The OB ward was summoned to get us from admissions and wheel us up to Labor and Delivery.  At this point, contractions are coming back-to-back…no pauses, no breaks.  Lori was absolutely amazing.  She rode the elevator, mid-contraction and the nurse kindly asked her to “calm down” – to which she replied, “It’s not a matter of being calm – this just HURTS!”.

For those of you keeping track, Lori has now made it up to her room, she’s been admitted and has been “checked” for the first time in this pregnancy.  No problem – she’s only 9 centimeters dilated!!!  She’s telling the nurse that she’s ready to push.  They quickly call our OB-GYN, who just got back into the country from a working mission trip to Juarez, Mexico.  Lori had pushed (even though the nurses told her not to) for 2 contractions.  Dr. Gipson was 2 minutes out when the on-call OB-GYN showed up and (because Dr. Gipson was 2 minutes out) was there “just-in-case”.  Dr. Gipson arrived and got Lori switched over to laying on her back – up to this point, Lori had been laboring on her side.  Lori started pushing with all her might – 5 or 6 big pushes later, our little Ellie was crowning.  A couple more pushes and her head was free and 5 seconds after her head came out, so did the rest of her.

She scored an 8 on her 1 minute APGAR and a 9 on her 5 minute APGAR scores.  Colorado babies typically score lower than sea-level babies on APGAR because of the thin air – and Ellie was no exception.  She was mostly purple when she came out, but she was screaming and moving like crazy.  With only 30 seconds on oxygen she was as pink as a breast cancer ribbon.  The time is now 9:12 am – right at three-and-a-half hours after our first sign of labor – delivered completely without Pitocin or an Epidural – all Natural!!

Here’s our precious angel during her “8” APGAR score moments…


And again – just a few moments after she pinked up a bit…


What an amazing journey – never in a million years would we have thought that this would be the way this would play out.

Lori was moved from the labor and delivery room into the postpartum rooms within a few hours.  During the move, Ellie got to meet both of her sets of grandparents…here’s our girl with my parents…

And one with Lori’s parents

After a couple of hours, I went with Ellie for her first bath in the nursery.

What a halloween – we were never really big fans of this holiday, but … it holds a very different meaning to us now – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


We’ll post more pictures within the week – we just wanted to get the news out to share our birth story and show off our beautiful daughter!