Eleanor Grace: 3 Years Old!


Our little girl is growing up – Ellie is 3 years old! This kid can be a true sweetheart one second and a huge stinker the next second! She’s a smart kiddo! She can count to 20 – with a few misses in the high teens. She knows her whole alphabet – singing the song and recognizing letters individually. She’s really observant – more so than Zach or myself!

She says the funniest things. Ellie loves to get attention from strangers but still shy’s away from strangers if they attempt to talk to her before she’s ready to talk to them. She will hold a crazy-long conversation with anyone who will listen! She gets really wound up and upset about things that seem so simple to us, but are a big deal to her. We are working on trying to help her understand her frustration and use her words to be understood.

I enjoy my days spent with Ellie, although there are some minutes or hours that are quite difficult because of her attitude, the majority of the day is a blast. It’s fun playing new things with her or just watching her imagination go wild! Ellie loves playing with play doh, coloring with her color wonder markers or crayons, playing with stickers, reading books, watching TV, playing outside and running through any store we go to.

We took Ellie to the doctor for her 3-year check-up this week. She weighed in at 29.5 pounds (50th percentile) and is 35.5” tall (20th percentile). She didn’t have to get any shots, which was a good thing! 🙂

Potty humor is at its best in a 3 year old….

  • On the way home from church Ellie said “I tooted at church”. We asked her if she said “excuse me” and she said “no”. We asked if anyone else smelled it and she said “nope”. We attempted to tell her that she should say “excuse me” when she toots – no matter where she is. And that was the end of that conversation…
  • Ellie smelled something at lunch the other day. She said to Zach “you stink. You tooted?” Zach told her that he didn’t toot. So then she said “maybe I tooted?” We just cracked up laughing!
  • She says “it’s gonna be ok” a lot. I don’t feel like her tell her that very often, but maybe we do!
  • Today we saw a puppy dog while we were out shopping. Ellie always wants to pet any dog she sees. She knows to ask the owner first, which is good! She does NOT like when a dog licks her face though, so she tries real hard to get behind the dog and pet its back. When she was petting the dog today, I wheeled Ethan up close to the dog and the dog went to lick Ethan (who, by the way, LOVES getting kisses from dogs) and Ellie ran over to Ethan and pushed the dog away saying “I don’t want him to get Ethan!” It was SO sweet. It’s funny because she picks on him all day long, but to see her stick up for her brother was pretty awesome! I hope she’s always like that!

This kid is so funny and she melts my heart. We listen to each other’s hearts at bedtime and I cherish those moments with my baby girl. She crawls into bed with us in the early mornings and lately we’ve just let her stay. The extra little snuggles are quite sweet and one day I’ll miss them!

We sure love this girl!


We had a small birthday party for Ellie with our parents on Wednesday night. She picked out the Ariel birthday cake and balloons. I attempted to decorate the house with balloons where I thought they should go and she quickly shared her opinion about where the balloons should go. Since it was for her party, I went ahead and let her do whatever she wanted it do. It was pretty cute watching her ideas come to life. She was very proud of her decorations!


We had a nice evening celebrating our wonderful little girl! She blew the candles out all by herself! She got a domino game, number puzzle, a playdoh truck set, a doctor kit and a Barbie. She had a great time opening gifts while Ethan played in the tissue paper! 🙂


On Thursday, I got to stay home with the kids (I’d moved my work schedule around this week) and we had lunch with Zach. It will be interesting to see how we do birthday parties as she gets older – sharing her special day with Halloween could get tricky…. we might have to do lots of princess-dress-up Halloween-Birthday parties! 🙂

We have more pictures in the October 2013 Photo Album.