East Coast Trip 2010

Top of the Rock - Looking out at Central Park in New York City
Top of the Rock – Looking out at Central Park in New York City

We just got back from another fun and adventurous trip using free airline tickets and hotel points! With the crazy travels we do for work – the only real perks we get are all the points we gather over the year and we always cash those points in and enjoy a great vacation. This year, we decided we wanted to go somewhere we’d never been before – farther up on the East Coast. On our itinerary was Boston, MA; Cape Cod; Providence, RI; New Haven, CT; and New York City. We went to New York City right before we got married and then ended up losing all those pictures, so we took this opportunity to get some of those pictures back!

On Wednesday, we flew into Boston, MA. We took the metro from the airport to our hotel – we only had to walk a total of 3 blocks with our luggage, which wasn’t too bad. It was the hottest day in Boston (that’s what the locals said, it was 92 – much hotter than we’re used to), but we survived. After checking into the hotel, we jumped on the metro again to see some sights: Boston Gardens, Harvard Square (home of the NPR Car-Talk guys), Harvard University, MIT, the Charles River Esplanade, and ended the night with dinner in Boston’s North End. Thursday we got up and took the 2.5 mile hike around all of Boston on the Freedom Trail, including places like: Park Street Church, the Old Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, the Paul Revere House, Old North Church, the USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill Monument. After climbing 294 stairs to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument and getting the highest view of Boston, we weren’t tired yet – so we went down to the harbor where we saw the site of the Boston Tea Party and enjoyed seeing everything in the harbor. We went back to the hotel and I took a much-needed nap while Zach took a nice long run with all the other runners along the Charles River. We ended the night with a Boston tradition at the Union Oyster House. Friday morning we headed to Mike’s City Diner for a great breakfast, then a bit of shopping along Newbury Street. Then we picked up our rental car and headed towards Cape Cod!

Could Boston be any more American than this?!


Since it was Memorial weekend and it was Friday afternoon, we were stuck in traffic for about an hour as we headed toward Cape Cod – along with everyone else heading out there for the weekend (it was like Ski-weekend traffic here in Denver). We drove all the way to the end of the cape to Provincetown and stopped at a beach there.

Mommy, Daddy & Baby on the beach:


We played on the beach for a little bit and then decided we should start heading towards our hotel for the evening – in Providence, RI. Saturday we got up and did a little sight-seeing in Providence to include the First Baptist Church in America and Brown University. There were a couple other things to see in this historic town and then we headed New Haven, CT. We drove through New Haven so we could see Yale University, which has some of the most beautiful buildings we’ve ever seen! Then we headed towards Milford, CT – where our hotel was for the night. We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant and then got some ice cream and took a little walk on the beach – which was Long Island Sound. We couldn’t see Long Island from there – but we knew it was out there.

We got up early Sunday morning and headed for New York City. We dropped our bags off at the hotel, dropped off the rental car and were walking the streets by 11 o’clock! We walked everywhere – from Financial District to SOHO to Times Square to Central Park! We had lunch at Katz’s Deli – which was definitely a New York experience! We got a great view from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center – last time we were there we did the Empire State Building at night, so this time we figured a daytime view would be good! We went to the M&Ms store in Times Square and got some blue and pink M&Ms just for the baby occasion!


We headed out to Brooklyn for some amazing pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens and then went out to Coney Island. Because it was Memorial weekend there were SO MANY people at Coney Island. It was insane! It was fun to people watch though. We got up Monday morning and had breakfast at a diner down the street and then headed towards the airport. We only had to pull our luggage one block to the subway and then Zach had the pleasure of carrying both of our suitcases up and down a few flights of stairs to get to the subway and make some transfers, but it wasn’t too bad. Nope – no bag handling for me, one of the joys of being pregnant! 🙂

We got home Monday night but ended up not going to work on Tuesday. We NEVER end up going to work the day after returning from vacation, but we never plan it that way! I was pretty exhausted after the trip. We did a lot of walking in both Boston and NYC, but we had a little two-day break as we drove through the other little States – so that was good. This part of my pregnancy was probably the perfect time for us to take this trip. I’m not so big right now that being in the hot weather is any more uncomfortable than anyone else and I’m not SO tired that it was miserable. I still don’t have my pre-pregnancy energy back (like all the books say happens in the 2nd trimester) but I’m doing better than I was and getting to enjoy being busy a little bit more. 🙂

The biggest problem about our trip – the bathroom situation! Being pregnant has its negatives and that’s one of them – frequent trips to the bathroom! At home, it’s never a big deal – there’s always a bathroom available… not in big cities! Boston and New York were a challenge. No matter where we were, I was looking for a public restroom, if I was near one, I used it – even if I didn’t think I needed to at the time. Otherwise 10 minutes later I’d regret it! So I’m pretty sure I could map out every single public restroom available in both Boston and NYC – if anyone needs to know 🙂

Now it’s back to work like normal folks! We sure do love our vacation times. Zach and I spend so much time together just during a normal week anyway, but we really do enjoy the 24/7 time we get to explore together when we take our little adventurous vacations!

We have pictures posted in our East Coast 2010 Photo Album.

Next Thursday, June 10th is our next ultrasound where we get to count all the fingers and toes as well as find out if we’re having a boy or a girl! Stay tuned for that news! 🙂