Finally Done!  I can't believe we finally made it...
Finally Done! I can’t believe we finally made it…

So its just after midnight on Monday (Tuesday) but we’re in bed and I’m posting this so you’d all know that we did it…

We picked up the door around 4 from Lowe’s and made it home to start the install.  We made it about 70% through when we realized that it was getting late and we still had a couple of errands to do before stores closed.  Lori is going to SLC tomorrow on a 1 day trip for a couple of meetings and she needed some supplies for the trip.

We returned home around 9:30 and started up again, determined to finish tonight.  Around 10:45 we finished the install and Lori started caulking around the tub while I cleaned the glass and put a coat of Rain-X on it to help keep it clean.  After I finished that I put a second coat of grout sealer on the grout.  That’s about it…Lori leaves for SLC in 6 hours so pray for strength for her tomorrow/today cause she’s gonna need it!!

Enjoy the picture!!