This week Ellie got to discover lots of cabinets at our apartment. I decided I’d just let her learn how the drawers and doors work – then clean up her mess later. 🙂

Her adventures started in the bathroom – opening the cabinet doors and then the bottom drawer. She opened the drawer, then she pushed it closed. She did that probably 10 times before she moved on. It was cute!


Then in the kitchen, in one day, she opened every cabinet she could reach and pulled things out — including heavy pots & pans! She had a blast!


Then while doing laundry, I let her stick her head in the washer to see what she could see after I pulled all the clean clothes out – she loved it!


It was really fun getting to see her learning how things work! Every day is a new adventure and it’s fun letting her go around and do her own discovering!

Ellie is walking much better – while holding onto furniture or walls. She’s also started letting go and balancing herself for quite a while. She knows she’s doing good because she gets a huge smile on her face and sometimes claps before she tumbles to the ground! I can’t believe how great her balance is!


She also started pointing this week… a few days ago she pointed at me and said “mama”. I’m not sure if she knew what she was saying or not. Lately in the middle of the night when she wakes up, she’ll start saying “mama ma mama” when I pick her up and while I’m changing her diaper. It’s so sweet – though, still not sure if she is referring to me or if that’s just the best sound she can make.

It was a beautiful weekend! We spent time with some great friends, went to church and took some pretty pictures outside…. and laughed a lot – this little girl just lights up our lives!


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