Dinner – 5280 Style!

Denver Restaurant Week 2009!
Denver Restaurant Week 2009!

Ever heard of Denver Restaurant Week? Well, if you’re not from Denver, or around this area, you’ve probably never heard of it and won’t get to enjoy it yourselves – but you can read about our fun meals! 🙂 But, If you live close by, take note so you too can take advantage of Denver Restaurant Week!!

In October of 2007, right after we got married, I (Lori) had a business trip to DC on my birthday! 5 days after our wedding!! Needless to say, we kind of planned our wedding around work – because that was the most convenient for us and we wanted a fall wedding! Anyway, while in DC, my co-workers wanted me to have a nice birthday dinner after work that day. So we went to a restaurant called Texas De Brazil. It’s a Brazilian Steakhouse… featuring a huge salad bar and then all you can eat meat. Yep, that’s right, all you can eat meat! Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Sausage – many varieties of this meat! I’m not a big eater – so for me to spend the $50 or so for a meal of all you can eat meat was a little ridiculous – even though work gives us per-diem to pay for meals. With us though, whatever money we don’t spend, we get to keep… so we try to eat cheap when traveling! And this meal was not cheap! It was a wonderfully delicious meal – but I did NOT eat $50 worth of meat!! haha!!

So, when I got back home, I told Zach about this amazing “all you can eat meat place”! We thought maybe next time we make it out to DC, maybe we’ll go. Come February 2008, my friend Kristi mentioned Denver Restaurant Week. We’d never heard of it. Denver Restaurant Week is a full week of a whole bunch of nice Denver restaurants that set up a special multi-course menu for $52.80 PER COUPLE! (Side note: 5280 feet = 1 mile… Denver, the Mile High city… so 5280 is a “catch-phrase” for Denver, if you could call it that.) So guess what restaurant we looked up first! Yep – Texas De Brazil!! That was our 5280 meal last year and we loved it! It was totally worth the $52.80 for BOTH OF US!! Since we’d heard about this deal so late, when we called to make reservations – the best one we could get was a 9 pm on a Sunday night – that didn’t make for a very good morning the next day because we were SO FULL when we went to bed…but it was still a VERY good meal!

This year, we were a little more proactive and called early to make a reservation for Texas De Brazil and also Elway’s. Elway’s is owned by none-other-than John Elway. We’d eaten there once with Seth before a fun symphony “date” a while back and knew they had good food! When we told friends at church about Denver Restaurant Week, we had two couples say “Hey! We should all go – and make it a date night of it!” So we changed our reservations for both nights to include each of the couples!!

So, Sunday night we enjoyed Texas De Brazil with Chris & Jacee at 6 pm (instead of 9 pm!)… it was fantastic! A MUST, every year!! Wednesday night, we babysat for Seth & Missy so they could go enjoy a date night and take advantage of the 5280 deal. Lastly, Friday night, we went to Elway’s with Jake & Susan. Three of us got Prime Rib and Susan got Smoked Salmon… with mashed potatoes and creamed corn – the best creamed corn I’ve ever had!! We had a great time enjoying great food at a very good price with some very good friends!

So here are the details: go to and find a list of restaurants… click on the restaurants to see the menu provided for the 5280 deal… usually it’s a choice of an appetizer or salad, an entree and dessert. All of these restaurants are usually restaurants that would cost $50 PLUS per person if you wanted all of that from their menu! SO it’s a steal! We think they usually do Denver Restaurant Week that last week of February – so keep your eyes and ears open for the advertisements! And finally – we heard good news the other night: They are extending Denver Restaurant Week out until March 6th this year…not all restaurants are participating, but a lot of them are. So – check it out and get a reservation if you missed out and want to try it out! Otherwise, wait until next year and eat your heart out! You won’t regret it!!