Denver Rock & Roll Marathon!


Zach’s marathon training is finally over!! He ran the Denver Rock & Roll FULL marathon today with his buddy Dave! Dave picked up running almost two years ago and decided to travel the country running Rock & Roll 1/2 and full marathons this year. When Dave decided to sign up for the Denver 1/2 marathon Zach gave him a hard time for not doing the full so then they both decided they’d run the full marathon…. Zach didn’t really start training until June of this year – he was so diligent at waking up early on Saturday mornings to go on his long runs and then doing his short runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after putting Ellie to bed.

I dropped them off near the starting line this morning at 6:15! I can’t believe all those people have the desire to get up so early to go run! I took Ellie downtown to Washington Park to meet Zach and Dave at the 17-mile mark. Zach’s folks came down too. We were able to catch up with them, cheer them on and take pictures four times throughout Wash-Park.

Go Daddy & Dave!!!


We left Wash-Park and drove over to the finish line. Ellie had a hard time because she wanted to get down and play but there were so many people and I needed to watch for the guys.

Here they are crossing the finish line!!


Yea!! Job well done!!


So so so proud of Zach and Dave!!