December Cuties

IMG_7301December has been pretty busy so far. I’ve been working extra hours to reach a milestone at work, which has seemed to make everything at home crazy! I’m really thankful for the ability to USUALLY only work two days a week – because when I work more, it’s just insane! We are definitely looking forward to Christmas break – we all will be home for two weeks and it will be wonderful family time together!

Here are some funny things about the kiddos lately…


  • Lately, if Ethan gets frustrated – he’ll clench his fists and make a face while shaking his whole body. Ellie did the same exact thing at this age!
  • One night at dinner, Ellie was throwing a fit and crying. All of the sudden, Ethan said “5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop crying. Ellie” It was SO funny! He’s done it a few times since then.
  • He’ll say “All Aboard! Choo! Choo!” when playing with his train set.
  • He was eating his cake and Grammy asked him if his cake was good. He answered, “Yes! My cake is good!” It’s amazing the things he’s saying these days!
  • Ethan wants me to sing “Jesus Loves Me” over and over to him at bedtime – when I sing the “they are weak, but He is strong” part, he pushes his fists over his head and yells “STRONG!” in a really deep voice!
  • Ethan likes to ask “what are you doing?!” to everyone!
  • We played outside quite a bit last week because the weather was so nice. In our backyard one day, Ethan started picking up big rocks that are just outside the playground area – and he was throwing them into the playground area. Every time he through one in, he counted it – he got up to 26 when they were all inside the playground. Then he yelled “Yay! I did 26 Rocks! Hurray! 26 rocks!!”
  • Ethan and I dropped Ellie off at school on Thursday – usually Zach or I drop her off alone, on our way to work. I had the day off, and this was probably the first time Ethan has gone to drop her off with us. He ran into the classroom and saw a number rug on the floor and yelled “yay! Numbers!” and then started saying all the numbers – the numbers went to 30 and he was so excited about it!
  • He just put a blanket over his head and started saying “ah, ah, ah” like the Count on Sesame Street! And then he just kept giggling about it!


  • Ellie was being really good and loving and sweet one night. We told her how wonderful she was being and she said “my heart told me to be good today!” I hugged her and with tears in my eyes I told her to always listen to her heart and be good. Her response, “sometimes my heart tells me to be bad though!” ha!
  • Ellie asked in a really whinny voice one day “Mommy, can I have some candy?” I told her I didn’t like the whinny voice and to ask the right way. Her response, “I thought you were going to say no”. She seemed to think that whinny about it would change my mind! ha!
  • Ellie is a different kid these days! She asked for marinara sauce for her bread one night. I told her I didn’t think we had any but I would check in the fridge. After looking for it and we didn’t have any, I told her I was sorry but we didn’t have any. Her response, “That’s ok!” and then she went about eating her bread, plain. A month ago she would have thrown a complete fit!

These kids are so much fun these days! Of course, things aren’t perfect and they still have their moments – but man they make my heart happy!!



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