Dancing Queen


Ellie loves dancing! When any music comes on, she gets a cute smile on her face and gets a little bouncy-bouncy from head to toe!

The other day I turned on “WordWorld” to clip her nails (I am still able to put her in the Bumbo and clip her nails while she watches TV – it keeps her from moving around too much). I had everything set up, but figured I would let her stand and dance to the intro before putting her in the Bumbo to get my job done. This is what happened while she was dancing:

Today we tried to get a few clips of her busting a move to the Black Eyed Peas… she dances much better when the camera is not on, but this is still pretty cute:

Ellie has started copying more and more sounds – she has a book that reads “la la lullaby” and she’ll repeat “la la la” every time we read it. Zach was trying to get her to say “Hi” today and she got the “h” noise, but that’s all. It’s so fun to hear her sweet noises!

There’s a “Dr. Seuss” ABC book that has a camel on the ceiling and she’ll pull the book out of our hands and flip the book over so the camel looks like he’s standing upright. Every. Single. Time. 🙂

The other night we were playing on the floor and Ellie got this idea to start walking backward – she’d walk away from us (forward), but then she wouldn’t turn around and she would walk back towards us backwards. She would start to slow down a bit when she knew she was getting close to us or a wall. It was so funny.

Here’s a video of Ellie showing us what a Lizard does:

Zach had two work trips this past week. In between the trips he got a cold – such a bummer to be sick while traveling. He came home and within a day I was sick too! He’s feeling much better and I’m starting to feel better. Ellie is still feeling well, which is such a blessing!!

We had tickets to “Bring it On!” the musical Friday night. Even though we both felt horrible, we went anyway. We left Ellie home with Zach’s mom and went to dinner and the show. It was so cute and we were really glad we went. The rest of the weekend we’ve slept A LOT!

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The rest of the windows finally arrived this week and they started the rock around the house too! The electrical is complete – including the A/V stuff. The plumbing and HVAC is also complete. We are supposed to have a pre-drywall walk-through next week. It’s looking like OUR HOUSE!


The above picture is in the Building Our House photo album.