Customized Shelves for the TV

Here's our new TV Cabinet!
Here’s our new TV Cabinet!

So, if you saw the post from last Saturday, you’ve been waiting to see how our TV cabinet project turned out… and a week later, we’re finished with the job!!

In case you don’t remember what our living room used to look like, here’s a picture with the old cubes and TV down below:


After we stained the wood last Monday, Zach had to travel for work, so Lori spent a few nights in the garage finishing up the wood so that we could build the shelving when he got home. So, Friday night we put the faux wall up:


Then we installed the TV mount. Lori hung from the mount to ensure our wall we built would hold the TV and the mount:


Then we built the left cabinet to hold all the TV components (DVR, Receiver, Computer, Wii, etc.) and then cabled all the components. By midnight on Friday night, we had the TV plugged in and were able to watch a show on the DVR – then we went to bed!!

Saturday morning we got up and went to help our friend Anne – she had foot surgery and is in a cast… she desperately needed her leaves raked, so we raked her leaves and Zach fixed her garage door opener! Then we came home and raked our own leaves!

We built the second cabinet and put all the finishing touches to get this final product:


We still need to build something for the bottom hole where the TV used to be – maybe we’ll get that done in the next week. We’re so excited to have the TV mounted up high, special cabinets built around it and now room for more storage!!

After it was all put together, Chad, Lucy & Sara came over to check out the new TV setup… Lucy was more entertaining than the TV!!!

You can see all of these pictures in larger format in our Home Improvements Photo Album.