Croup Again!!!!


We’ve got croup again! But this time it’s Ethan! Late this week Ethan started to get really congested again. I thought maybe I’d gotten some dairy by accident, but then he started coughing and I realized he was getting a cold again! Saturday morning he woke up “barking like a seal”, so we took him to the doctor! Luckily his ears were ok and his breathing was ok. He’s taking the same steroids that Ellie took for her Croup. He’s been pretty fussy and uncomfortable! It’s no fun having a sick baby! He’s been sleeping in the swing because he’s so congested and today even the swing didn’t make him happy… so it’s been a struggle! I hate when he’s not my happy boy!

We got a bunch of snow overnight and it’s been snowing all day! It was great to stay home and be snuggly warm inside with everyone today! (Other than an unhappy, sick boy!)

Here are some things from Ellie’s week:

  • We got an extra bag of Mega Blocks and she’s loving building towers!
  • We have a number puzzle that she’s really good at these days, so I bought her an alphabet one yesterday, she’s already doing great at that one too!

  • The other night, we sat down for dinner and Zach said “let’s put your bib on” and he was getting her into her high-chair, her response was “good idea!” ha!

  • She went to the park with Gigi on Tuesday and Zach asked at dinner if she saw any dogs and she said “um, one or two.”

  • She’s saying “um” a lot lately: Um, yep. Um, yes. Um, nope. I’m not sure where she got the “um’s” but it’s sweet.

  • She found some chapstick in a drawer at home, she pulled the lid off and put some on. She put the lid back on and then said “um, one more.” So she took the lid off, put more on and said “that’s much better!”

  • “Where’d go? Dis-peer’d!”

  • “I am tall” was a clear statement she made multiple times this week!

  • Her speech is getting really impressive!

  • We started a sticker chart for Ellie. M&Ms weren’t good enough bribery for her, so we put stickers on her chart if she helps clean up her toys, follows, directions, tries new food, etc. We’ve used it for two days and it seems to really do the trick! I’m hoping it will work for potty training too!

Ethan is getting the hang of holding toys these days! The ball-rattle is the best one for him to grab onto…


And that’s a wrap – I’m exhausted from rocking and rocking and rocking a sick baby boy. Let’s hope he sleeps better tonight! Oh, and the sleeping-through-the-night incident last week… yep, it was a fluke! Hasn’t happened again since that ONE night!

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