Copy Cat


Ellie has become quite the copy cat this week! She tries to repeat almost every word we say!! I love it!!! She’s getting pretty good at pointing at things and naming them as well! It’s amazing to hear all these words coming out of her mouth!

We also finally got to play in the grass in our backyard this week. Zach mowed it Wednesday night and I had Ellie chase me around while I took a few pictures. She doesn’t seem too excited about it yet – but she’ll get used to it! Though, I did get some great smiles out of her!


We played with the water table this week – we had a hot couple of days!!


Along with some super hot weather, we also had some crazy storms!!! Late Wednesday night we had crazy pouring rain and lots of hail. Luckily our trees and few shrubs survived! Friday morning, though, we discovered the pipe outside our house, where the sprinkler anti-siphon valve connects, was completely severed and water was spraying everywhere. The area right around that pipe sunk sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning – because of all the rain we had the night before! With the sprinkler water cut off, we waited for the builder’s 24-hour emergency response folks to come fix it. They didn’t. By Friday night Zach decided we would fix it ourselves. It took some thought and a little bit of plumbing and it was fixed. I’m so thankful to have a hubby that can fix just about anything!!! I had to water the front yard three times by hand on Friday – we’ve only had that sod for a little over a week and we have another week of watering it three times a day. I’m so thankful Zach was able to fix the issue so we didn’t have to keep watering it by hand!!

Zach tried to get some neat pictures of the lightening from our bedroom window Wednesday night. He got a good picture and decided to stop taking pictures. 10 minutes later, there was some AMAZING lightening. We regret not getting more pictures of that!


Ellie really likes drawing these days. Sitting/standing on the bar and drawing is not a regular occurrence for her – but it sure was cute the other day!


We planted another tree this weekend – it blocks our new neighbors from being able to see us on our patio!

I’ve decided I’m far enough along in my pregnancy hat I can skip my naps on the weekends and try to be more productive. Although the last two nights I’ve been exhausted when it gets to 7pm! At least I’ll keep taking naps during the week when I’m home with Ellie – the rest is so good for me and this growing baby!

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