Christmas Weekend

Us with Lori's Parents
Us with Lori’s Parents

This year for Christmas, we spent the weekend in Colorado Springs with Lori’s Parents. Zach’s parents stayed in Texas this year and spent some good time with all of the other family they have in Texas… they even got some snow! We took Wednesday off of work and enjoyed running some errands around town and relaxing. It snowed all day on Wednesday, so we were excited to have a white Christmas! This time last year, we spent a few days visiting Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy, taking pictures in the warm weather! But…we truly do love the snow, so a white Christmas was perfect!

Thursday we headed down to Colorado Springs, with decent weather – so it wasn’t a dangerous drive at all. We went to the “Wonderland” Christmas show at New Life Church. Sitting right in front of us was a family we grew up with at church, the Baers. It was nice to see them. As we were leaving New Life and walking through the crowds of people, I was thinking to myself “I’m surprised I don’t see more people I know here each year we come here…” and all of the sudden I saw my dear friend Emily. Emily and her husband, John, live in California and have a 4 month old daughter, Harper. I read their blog and look at their pictures all the time. Emily and I grew up in youth group together and haven’t seen each other since our last youth-group reunion, which was in 2004! After I got Emily’s attention, we stood there and chatted for a bit, introducing our husbands and Harper. They were able to come home this year for Christmas so it was great for them and it was so nice to see her and her family!!

After the Christmas show, we went over to see the Christmas light show at one of the houses down the street. We went last year and it was so neat… so we had to go again. This guy has lights programmed to music and he plays three songs transmitted on an FM station that you can only hear when you’re close to the house. There are always lines and lines of cars waiting to see the “show”. Each year the guy adds something new and sometimes changes songs. This year, the guy added some reindeer that sang to the songs!  Then we came home and had some great snacks, opened presents and watched Miracle on 34th Street. Zach and I had never seen that movie, so it was neat to watch the first time and we loved it! Later we played some games, including the new Battle of the Sexes, that we got for Christmas. Here’s what we got mom & Dad:


I custom ordered this picture from an OBU friend that has an Etsy store for all her paintings. I’ll talk more about this picture in another blog.

Friday morning we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast and played some games while we waited for Christmas lunch! We enjoyed a yummy lunch to include honey spiral ham, cheesey potatoes and my favorite orange-jello salad! We took naps and then played some more games and watched another movie.

Saturday morning we had another yummy breakfast. Zach and I went hunting for a new Christmas tree. Our current tree is pretty, but it’s only about 6 feet tall and we were hoping to find a taller tree at a great deal after Christmas… after about an hour and a half and 8 stores, we  found it at Sam’s! Saturday afternoon we all went to see AVATAR in 3D at the IMAX theater. It was SO good. If you haven’t seen it, you need to see it… and I’m pretty sure you should see it at a 3D IMAX, if possible!! Saturday evening we played some more games and ate some left-over snacks.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed back to Denver. We came home and opened up our new tree and put it up next to our old tree. We needed to check to make sure all the lights worked, before we put it away for another year without even seeing it out of the box! It’s a lot bigger than our other tree… which is exactly what we wanted! In this picture, it’s obviously not in the right place in the house, but we wanted to show you how much bigger it is than the old one. We also didn’t “fluff” the limbs, because as soon as we put it together, we were going to box it up for next year… but here it is:


We can’t wait to decorate it next year…we’ll actually have to use a ladder or step-stool!! Oh and just for the sake of being silly, Zach decided to get in the box the tree came in… if we ever needed to ship Zach somewhere, this is how we’d do it:


There you have it… a nice and relaxing Christmas weekend. We enjoyed the time with Lori’s parents and are not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! You can see all of these pictures in larger format in our 2009 Holidays Photo Album. We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!!