Christmas Time is Here…

A Festive Evening
A Festive Evening

Along with Christmas parties and spending time with family and friends… we’ve baked a lot of goodies this holiday season!

This weekend was quite the busy weekend! Friday, we spent all day baking cookies and treats! We baked some Pampered Chef cookies to share with our Life Group from Church on Friday night. We made enough for a “snack-day” at work on Thursday and for family time. We made 90 cookies!! We also made some Oreo Cookie Cheesecakes for dessert for Life Group. We’d never made them before and they turned out quite well!!

Saturday we tried tackling a trip to the mall, which was pretty crazy and we decided not to stay for very long because there were way too many people! Saturday night we had our Lockheed Friends’ Holiday Party. This is the 3rd year our friends have put together a Christmas Party, instead of all of us trying to attend the various LM parties for each of the business units here in Denver. Michelle & Jenny did an awesome job putting it together, as always!

While thinking of what to wear for the Christmas party this year, I decided I should ask my wonderfully inherited cousins, Molly & Jessica, to borrow a dress from them instead of shop for a new one. They dress so beautifully and they are so good at finding super-cute dresses at great prices. I got so many compliments on my dress Saturday night and was so proud to brag that it was “my cousin’s” dress! 🙂

We plan to make “Puppy Chow” next weekend for a cookie exchange and just more goodies to eat during the holiday season. “Puppy Chow” is Rice Chex with peanut butter, chocolate and powered sugar. Yum!! Here are some great pictures Zach’s taken of our yummy goodies and a little Christmas decoration on our table.

These are the Pecan-pralines we made at Thanksgiving. We even dipped some in Chocolate!


Here’s the Pampered Chef Cookies… and what a cool picture Zach too!


A candle on our dinner table with some Christmas decorations circling around…


Stay tuned for more great pictures that Zach will be taking 🙂

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