Chewing, Chewing, Chewing…


Ethan is chewing on everything these days! He has some great teether toys: a little giraffe, the crocodile vibrating teether, a monkey teething blanket and his toes! Every time his diaper is off, he just pulls his feet to his mouth and tries to chew on his toes! Love it!


Ethan is getting better at blowing raspberries these days, it’s adorable! Zach hung the infant swing last weekend, so yesterday we got to try it out. He loved it and Ellie enjoyed swinging next to him! 🙂

Ethan spit up A LOT this past week, I think it was a result of the dairy I had a few weeks ago. Luckily, this weekend it’s died down and I think it must finally be out of both of our systems! I gotta be more careful!

Ellie had a good week:

  • We bought some Tinker Bell color wonder paper and some watercolor paints this week – so she had a great time being creative!

  • She can put the Mr. Potato Head toy together almost all by herself!

  • She has finally started BRINGING toys to Ethan! She’ll still try to steal some, but I love when she is sweet to him!

  • For some reason she really likes saying our first names. “So, Lori…” “Hey Zach” are just ones she said today! She’ll use our first names at least once a day!

  • She likes to say “HEY! That’s my… (fill in the blank).” Usually she’s just being silly, but the other day at SAMs she said it twice and it was hilarious! She wanted a lollypop (which she was going to get as soon as we got inside the store). A girl walked by with a lollypop in her mouth and Ellie says “Hey! That’s my lollypop!” Then later she saw a girl eating some yogurt and she said “Hey! That’s my yogurt!”

Our garden is doing great!! We have a few seeds planted inside, which are growing great under a light and on top of a warming mat. We planted some seeds outside a month ago. We have been watering them every other day (we can’t turn on the irrigation system yet since it’s still freezing at night). We have a plastic greenhouse-cover that Zach made which we use to cover the two beds on the days it’s going to snow. I think that cover is what has saved our plants outside! They’re looking great! Here are the lettuce and spinach just growing!!


After church today we took a little walk around the neighborhood in the double stroller. They kids enjoyed it and so did we! Can’t wait for this summer!


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