Catching Up…

Our new Master Bedroom Chaise
Our new Master Bedroom Chaise

It’s been almost a month since we’ve blogged. After our vacation over Labor Day, Lori got sick due to allergies and Zach had to travel a few times. In the past two weeks, we’ve gotten to enjoy what we would have liked to do all summer – jogging together outside and going for a few bike rides. The summer was so crazy with work travel that we don’t feel like we had a summer. Now it seems as though the travel is slowing down (hopefully) and we get to spend LOTS more time together.

Back in May we painted the house and got new carpet. We talked about how we ordered a Chaise for the master bedroom, since we’d moved around our bedroom furniture… so finally, four and a half months later, the Chaise that we ordered came in! We picked it up yesterday and it looks GREAT in our room!! Here’s another view of the Chaise in our room:


And here’s a cool up-close picture so you can see the upholstery color and texture:


Tomorrow we celebrate our 2nd anniversary!! Even though we’ve been really busy this year and traveling a lot, we’ve had a great 2nd year of marriage and we can’t wait for many more to come!!

This week will be full of different activities for our anniversary and Lori’s birthday next weekend. If the weather stays nice, we’ll get outside and do some jogging so we can enjoy wonderful Colorado before it gets too cold and we have to go workout at the gym – but that just means we’ll get to start hitting the slopes!

Who wouldn’t love Colorado and all the wonderful seasons we get to experience? Zach spent so much time in HOT Temecula, CA and Goodyear, AZ this summer that the idea of seasons is more real to him than ever before! Until our next update…. enjoy life as you get to experience it, and we’ll do the same!