Busy, Yet Again!

Missy trying to swing at the Piñata... after taking off the blindfold!
Missy trying to swing at the Piñata… after taking off the blindfold!

We had a pretty busy week this week! Work was a little crazy and on top of that, we had something going on every night! Tuesday night we went rock climbing at one of our Highlands Ranch rec centers with Zach’s friend, Rick. Rick and his wife, Kim, are moving out here this summer from Virginia – we’re super excited about that!

Wednesday night we had dinner with Lori’s family at the Cheesecake Factory downtown. Lori’s Aunt & Uncle (Terri & Greg) were in town – staying in Estes Park, and Lori’s cousin and his wife (Clint & Teresa), who live in Loveland, are getting ready to have a baby next month! So Lori’s parents came up and the 8 of us had a fun dinner out. It was good to catch up because the we hadn’t seen them since Clint & Teresa’s wedding in July 2007!

Thursday night we had a softball game – it was a 9 pm game – very late! It was a good game because we won and of course had fun playing!

Friday was our off-Friday from work, but we both have a lot going on at work and had to go in for part of the day. Our friends Seth & Missy, who lead our young marrieds class at church, just moved into their new house a few weeks ago and Friday was Missy’s 30th birthday! So for the past few weeks, Lori has been helping some girls from church, and Seth, plan a surprise birthday party for Missy – at Seth & Missy’s new house! So after organizing people to bring items for the taco bar, getting decorations that cover everything from Mexican to “Happy 30th” (thanks Susan!), as well as keeping Missy busy and away from the house (thanks Robyn)… we pulled it off!! Missy was so surprised and had a great 30th birthday!!

We both had to work again on Saturday, but left work in enough time to get home and get ready for Eric & Jenny’s wedding! Eric & Jenny have been friends of ours for quite a few years… they both work at Lockheed too. Their wedding was at Pinecrest in Palmer Lake. We had never been out there… and it was beautiful! The wedding was great and they looked so happy! It was a fun evening to celebrate with them and hang out with a lot of LM friends that we don’t get to see often enough.

Sunday we slept in and took it easy. After working all weekend and having a pretty tough week, we needed a break before going back to work on Monday. Work this coming week will be just as crazy as it has been the past few weeks! Zach is taking a couple of photography classes this week, which will be nice as he continues to prepare for taking pictures for Jessica’s wedding in January. Zach’s cousin, Chad (and his daughter Lucy), finally moved in next door today – so we’ll get to see them more often! We have a church event on Tuesday night and softball again on Thursday night. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings.

Have a good week!!