Busy, Busy

Little Robin Eggs in a Nest in our Tree
Little Robin Eggs in a Nest in our Tree

We haven’t written much lately because we’ve been so busy! So we thought we’d write a quick update to what’s been going on with us!

Last week was a pretty busy week at work for Lori, she had to do a lot of work from home in the evenings and on the weekend to get some stuff taken care of. Although Lori was busy, Zach was not and was able to relax a little bit – he had not fully recovered from the month of April and this past week/weekend helped him relax and recover!

On Saturday, Chad (Zach’s cousin) came over with his daughter, Lucy – the 10 month-old that we just fell in love with in Wichita a few weekends ago. We spent a little bit of time with Chad & Lucy and then they headed on their way.

Sunday, after church, we came home and installed a drip system for the front-yard flower bed. We had put a soaker hose in the yard last summer, but it did not get the flowers and bushes the moisture they needed! So we played in the mud, cleaned up some of the flower beds and installed the drip system! It was pretty easy – just needed to be done! Oh, and Zach found a bird’s nest in one of our trees when we were in the yard – we think they’re Robin Eggs!

Monday night Lori went to a baby shower for one of the young marrieds at church. It was a fun night with all the girls! Friday night we have an out-reach movie night at church where we’re showing FIREPROOF. We’re pretty excited about that! This work week isn’t too busy, so that’s helpful!

Well – that’s a quick update on what’s been going on with us lately!