Busy, Busy June So Far


June is half-way over and we’ve been crazy busy – hence the lack of blog posts for a few weeks! When we returned from Topeka, I was getting over a sickness when Ellie got it… and then I got a cold! That whole week, I was pretty worthless! Ellie’s bedtime has been pushed back quite a bit because the sun is out so late and Zach has been trying to get some things done in the yard after dinner. It has been nice being outside late in the evenings though. Plus, Ethan has been staying up late the last few weeks – like until 10:30pm some nights, which makes for a late night for us! We just can’t get his sleep/naps quite figured out right now!

Last weekend, I saved a tree! A 12-foot tall Blue Spruce tree! The builders ripped it out of the ground to dig a foundation hole from the corner lot and left it in another lot, for dead. On Friday, I saw a guy working a bobcat in that lot and asked if he’d take the tree to our yard for $20… he agreed and soon we had this 12-foot tree in our front yard! So we spent Saturday getting that tree planted in our backyard! It’s beautiful! It cost us $20 and it’s gonna live!!!!


Saturday night we had dinner with our old small group. The kids were really GOOD and we were able to stay out until 8pm – it was a great time with old friends and so good for the soul! On Sunday went to the park with Brent, Catherine, Alice and new baby Russell! We rode the little train and visited the petting zoo. We hope to spend some more time with them this summer! We came home and finished some clean-up in the backyard for the tree.

The weather was pretty warm this past week, so we spent lots of time outside playing in water – sprinklers, bucket full of water and the water tower! We haven’t pulled the baby pool out yet, but that will be very soon!


This weekend, we spent all day Saturday and Sunday building the kids’ playground set in the backyard. We purchased a build-your-own set from Home Depot. It says “build & play in 8 hours…” but it’s wrong! It took two whole days… but now it’s pretty much done! Ellie LOVES it!!!! We will have many, many hours of fun outside on our playground!! You can also see the new wall in the backyard… we had to flatten the grade on the north-east corner of our yard to make room for the playground. The wall looks great and now all we need is some pea-gravel!


Here are some things about Ethan from the past few weeks:

  • He is babbling so much! He can say “dadadada” and “mamamama”. He loves to giggle!

  • He enjoys playing with the stacking cups and is really good at holding toys in his hands.

  • He doesn’t really like eating baby food right now, but he’s been playing with puffs and cheerios at dinner time and sometimes gets them in his mouth.

  • He loves rolling over – all the time!! If I put him on his back, he immediately rolls over to his tummy! It’s SO funny!

  • He is finally sleeping in his crib!! Up until now, he was mostly sleeping in his swing or the car carrier…. SO this is a big deal! He sleeps for really long stretches, sometimes all night long. I think he’s been waking up lately because I swear he’s teething!

Ellie is full of funny sayings these days – so many that I just haven’t been able to write them all down! We attempted potty training AGAIN this weekend… it has gone pretty well! We’ll see if it sticks this time! We found the “magic” incentive – gummi bears! 🙂


That’s the quickest summary of the last few weeks that I could do… hopefully I can get back to weekly posts again!

This week, we were heart broken when the fire started in Black Forest… I went to high school in Black Forest, so I know many friends whose parents still live in the forest. I checked every day – comparing the list of houses posted with the addresses I knew. I know several folks who no longer have a home. It’s so amazing to see how community comes together at a time like this. We will continue to think about and pray for those families who lost their homes and those who have some sort of mess to return to. Praying for more rain so the fire can be put out completely!! Having these fires in Colorado is horrible, but I think the neatest thing is how (both with the Black Forest fire and the Waldo Canyon fire) everyone hangs out during the fire fighters’ shift change to cheer them on! It’s amazing! Fire fighters truly are heros!

Oh, lastly… Happy Father’s day to my wonderful Hubby, Zach… he’s a great daddy to our kiddos and I’m so glad I get to be a parent with him!! Also, Happy Father’s day to our dads, who are so willing to help us when needed and take time to spend it with our kids! We love you guys!!


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