Busy Busy


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted on the blog. I was doing so good at posting every week since Ellie was born… then we got really busy this past month and the blog has taken a back seat to everything else. We’ve got lots of Ellie updates, but I’ll try to keep it short.

Talking: Ellie can say “ah” and “ma”. She says both quite a bit, repetitively when she just wants to gibber-jabber. She’ll yell “da” or “ga” sometimes, but it’s really hard to tell that’s what is coming out of her mouth because it’s so loud and abrupt.


Crawling: She’s not crawling yet. She gets on her hands and knees really easily – with her belly completely off of the ground. She just started pushing herself backwards, which she can do pretty quickly. Also, with that she will push so hard that she ends up in a sitting position on her bottom – that’s a pretty good feat! She’s rolling all over the place! She tries to lean over forward while sitting up and then gets one leg stuck or ends up in the splits! We don’t have very many pictures of her on her hands and knees because we’re always on the floor trying to get her to crawl!


Pulling up: She’s started pulling herself up on the side of her bathtub… it’s so cute but makes me so nervous. Tonight we finally ditched her tub and started using the normal bathtub. Because of her new-found skills, we decided we needed to drop her crib too… we did that this weekend. She loves standing – she can’t do it by herself, so we support her and she just has a blast.


Playing: She loves knocking toys together to make noise. We have a little toy that rolls across the hardwood floor. She gets so excited when I go to press the button to make the toy roll. She also really loves to clap her hands and feet. She’s actually better at clapping her feet than her hands.


Sleep: She is sleeping in 4-5 hour increments – which is really good for me! She’s having a hard time going to sleep at bedtime lately — as if she’s forgotten how to fall asleep on her own, but she’ll get back to normal again.


Solids: She doesn’t really like things that are wet and slimy – which is pretty much any veggie that is not actually baby food. She LOVES Puffs, which is great because she doesn’t really like to eat much oatmeal and the Puffs have iron in them. She can feed herself about 20 puffs at a time, if she doesn’t lose interest. She tends to favor her right hand, but she can definitely feed herself with both. She doesn’t like drinking out of sippy cups yet, but she’s great at drinking out of our cups or water bottles. Of course we have to hold it for her and keep her from pouring the water all over her… but she gets quite a few big gulps.


Hair: Her hair is GROWING! Every day it seems to be getting thicker. I can also tell it’s getting longer because I keep having to brush it behind her ears. Look at that wild hair:


We had Ellie’s baby dedication a few weeks ago. Both sets of grandparents were there and so were all the couples in our small group. It was a special day.


What a fun baby!! Every day is such an adventure! So blessed to have her in our lives!!

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