Buena Vista Weekend


We headed up to the mountains on Friday evening. Zach’s aunt & uncle (Howard & Jane) have a cabin in Buena Vista. We spent a weekend out there two summers ago and decided this would be a fun weekend to take Ellie! Zach’s parents also came to the cabin and Zach’s cousin, Lindsay, too.

We drove up Friday afternoon while Ellie took a little snooze in the car. We were amazed at how beautiful the trees were! We stopped in Leadville at our favorite coffee shop and then headed into Buena Vista. Friday night we had dinner at the cabin and then got Ellie ready for bed. We got Ellie set-up on a futon mattress on the floor in our room. She went to bed pretty easily Friday evening…. she woke up quite often that night, but overall she slept pretty well. I ended up sleeping beside her after 3am.

Saturday morning we got up and enjoyed playing at the cabin. Ellie made friends with Lindsay’s dog, Charlie – he was so sweet to her and he loved catching balls from Ellie.


The other dog, Brando, was a bit more feisty – so we kind of kept Ellie away from him. We took an ATV ride up the mountain a bit and Ellie loved it! She loved it so much that when Zach was going to take a ride up higher without her, she was SO mad!


We drove over to St. Elmo to feed the chipmunks. There’s an area where you sit down with some seeds and the chipmunks crawl all over you and eat the seeds out of your hands. Ellie was a little leery of them, but she kept saying “cute” the whole time!


We grabbed lunch and Ellie played on the playground for a while.


When we got back to the cabin, I laid down with her for a nap. She didn’t sleep long and then woke up screaming! I couldn’t get her to stop crying! Finally we watched some TV and she calmed down a bit, but she had a fever. Her Gigi and Aunt Jane went into town to get her some medicine. Once she had the meds, she was much happier. At bed time, she struggled with us leaving her to fall asleep, so Zach and I took turns laying down with her. The fact that she wasn’t feeling well made it really hard to just leave her in the room. Instead of going to sleep, she just kept playing… long after everyone else went to bed, she was still trying to play. Then she decided to just start screaming again. We had already given her some more meds, so we knew she wasn’t feeling too horrible, but we couldn’t figure out what her deal was.

We were in our own room, but the walls in the cabin were pretty thin and we knew everyone could hear her screaming! Lindsay was driving home to Kansas the next day, so we really needed Ellie to be quiet. We let her cry for a while, then decided to pack up and go home at midnight. It was miserable trying to get her to be quiet! It took us 2 and a half hours to get home – Ellie cried for a while, fell asleep for a bit, cried some more and then slept the last hour. We we got home and rocked her for a little bit and she went to sleep. She slept until 9am Sunday and woke up HAPPY! She was such a joy all day long – didn’t act sick and was so loving! What a change from the night before!

Saturday day was so much fun in Buena Vista… our horrible night is one we’d like to forget! We kept trying to figure out what we did wrong…. if we were at home we would have left her in her room to cry a bit, instead of laying with her for so long. We think maybe she just got overtired because she had company in the room with her. Once she got super crazy, there wasn’t much we could do in our room. If we were home, we probably would have just gone downstairs and turned on a movie to make her eyes tired. Being away from our house is probably what made it worse, so we had to do what we had to do! What a night!?!?!

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Here’s an update on my glucose test — I passed! My iron levels are also really good too, so that’s great! This baby in my belly moves all the time! I’m starting to feel the weight on my legs when walking up stairs… of course it makes it worse when I’m trying to carry Ellie up the stairs too! It won’t surprise me if my belly grows a whole bunch in the next few weeks!