Bucket Head


Play time with Ellie these days is SO MUCH FUN! This kid loves putting buckets on her head – and on our heads! One night I pulled the camera out while we were being silly and got some great pictures!


Sometimes she’ll put the bucket on her head and try to walk around the kitchen! I can’t pull the camera out fast enough to get a funny picture of her walking around, bumping into things!

Ellie likes to play “night-night” also… basically pulling a bunch of blankets out and laying down as if to go to bed. Sometimes she has us lay down too. One night, Zach and I laid down as she told us to… but we were trying to have a conversation – so our heads weren’t all the way down. She walked over and pushed our heads down and said “no-no”. It was so funny! One day I was able to wrap her up in a blanket and she just looked so beautiful – I couldn’t pick a favorite picture, so I posted them all in the favorites album for this month.


She also seems to be doing so much better at playing by herself. She’ll grab her bears from her crib and lay them down on something, bend over to kiss them and then have them kiss each other. She just makes things up and I LOVE watching her do these random things – they just come out of nowhere! Having the ability to play by herself is just so great! It makes me so happy as a parent!

We taught Ellie to whisper this week. If we whisper at her, and ask her to whisper, she will whisper her usual “mama? dada?” question. Then she squeals or makes some other noise really loud. So the whisper concept isn’t perfect yet 🙂

Ellie has been repeating more and more words this week! It’s so sweet to hear her little voice.

See this week’s photos in the May – June 2012 Photo Album though.

We had a great weekend! We spent Saturday morning hanging around Cherry Creek and then went to a friend’s birthday party in downtown. Saturday night we had a Father’s Day dinner with both sets of parents at our house. It was nice to all hang out. We let Ellie stay up late enough to have some brownies and ice cream too! Sunday we took Ellie swimming at the rec center. She didn’t want to play in the splash area by herself so she just held on to us! She did have fun though! Later, we bought a few shrubs and then planted them Sunday afternoon while Ellie took a 3 hour nap! We ended the evening with running a few other errands and then called it a night. What a super weekend!!

It was such a great weekend getting to enjoy lots of time together as a family! We are so blessed!!

On the baby front – Here’s a picture of me at 16-weeks pregnant.


I had a pretty uneventful appointment this week – but I did get to see our baby in an ultrasound! It was fun to watch that little baby move around! The heartbeat was 150 bpm. The 20 week appointment is where they measure all the different parts of the body and we figure out if our sweet Ellie will have a brother or a sister!!

I also added a baby countdown counter on the welcome page of our webpage.