Bubbles and Pacifiers


Ellie is 10 weeks old today! We just love watching her grow each week… she’s becoming more predictable and getting her own little personality! Ellie smiles so much – when we change her diaper/clothes, when we talk and sing to her, when she’s watching us. Sometimes she’ll smile when we’re doing nothing and of course we react with smiles and laughs so then she’ll smile some more. She also slobbers a lot right now… she constantly has bubbles forming on her mouth and slobber running down her cheek. It will be interesting to see how much slobber she produces when she starts teething!

Ellie is becoming a lot more predictable when it comes to fussy time and her sleeping/eating habits. She is fussy for about 20 minutes a night, somewhere around 8:00pm. If she doesn’t have a fussy time, she has a hard time going to bed (sometimes staying up until 11pm or midnight)… so fussy time is kind of a necessity for normalcy for us at night currently. After about 15 minutes of being fussy, she’ll suck on a pacifier (the only time she uses a pacifier) and then will fall asleep after fighting sleep for about 5 minutes. She’ll wake up about 30 minutes later – ready to eat and then go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00pm. Now that we understand her fussy time is necessary, it’s easier for us to deal with and neither of us gets stressed or overwhelmed with it anymore.

Here’s the end of her fussy time, finished off with her pacifier…


If she eats really well during the day, she sleeps through the night and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30am. If she doesn’t eat so well during the day she tends to wake up around 2:30 or 3:00am for an extra feeding. I always try to feed her every 3 hours during the day, but some times she eats slowly and thinks she’s finished when I know she hasn’t gotten a full meal, but I can’t force her to eat more.

We got a 2nd swing this week – it’s a “my little lamb” swing and it’s so cute!! We originally borrowed a swing from our friends – some evenings she sleeps in the swing or hangs out in it while I get ready in the morning… then she hangs out it in during the day. It was becoming a pain to haul it up and down the stairs everyday so we bought one for ourselves – which was totally worth it! She looks so cute in the swing – the pillow has little lamb ears… that’s my favorite part:


Ellie is getting so much better at holding the rattle ball… if we place it at her side, she grabs it and swings it around. She looks at it and tries to suck on it… I keep trying to get her to hold other toys, but she’s just not there yet.


Ellie had some good tummy time this week. She tends to suck on the blanket a lot while she’s on her tummy, but sometimes she holds her head up and looks into the mirror. She’s also played with the activity gym on her back and swats at the toys and grabs them. If I hold a mirror in front of her while she’s sitting up, she just stares at herself and starts making faces. Ellie loves bath time because her daddy makes it fun. Zach talks to her the whole time and she just looks at him with those sweet blue eyes. It’s such a wonderful time for both of them!


I went back to work this past week. Leaving Ellie with a grandma each day was not difficult – knowing she was with grandmas that love her, know her really well and want the best for her was an amazing feeling. I was lonely without her though! I had 9 weeks with her at my side, taking care of her and loving on her – being at work was so different! It was nice to see my co-workers again and step back into the work world — but it will still take a little getting used to! Ellie did GREAT at home with her grandmas both days, so that makes me feel really good about being away from her at work!

We went to Noah’s first birthday party on Saturday. He was so cute trying to eat his cake and opening all of his presents! Ellie slept through most of it… but she got to see her aunt, uncle and cousin – so that was nice. It’s so fun to see Noah walking around and playing with things – knowing that Ellie is only 10 months away from being right where he is.

We just have so much fun with our little girl!! Here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in a new month’s album: January 2011 album.