Biking Colorado

Trek Soho 3.0
Trek Soho 3.0

So we finally got our bikes, but haven’t taken a picture of us riding them yet. When we get ready to ride, we’re too busy getting everything together that we don’t think to snap a picture! So the generic web-page picture will have to do.

Zach and I both got the same bike, his of course is larger than mine, but identical. We got clip-less pedals with shoes that clip in (I don’t know why they are called clip-less when you clip into them!?) We’ve got our helmets and a tire fix kit.

The first week we had our bikes, we rode the 2 short miles down the road to our softball game – that was a nice easy ride. Then on Saturday we decided we’d see what it would be like to ride to work (our goal was to start biking to work). We got up kind of early and headed out. We had two paths to take (different ways people had told us to go). The way there was a 15 mile ride and was not easy. The way back was a 12.5 mile ride. Can you guess what way we decided is best to go? Yeah, the 12.5 mile way. The only problem (either path) is that the last 1.5 miles is all uphill at about a 10% grade at times! OH MY GOODNESS!! That was a tough big first ride!!!

Even though the ride was hard, we really wanted to start biking to work! The problem is we’re starting a really weird schedule next week (for about 6 weeks) where we’ll be working 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday, working some hours Saturday and then having only Sunday off. Because we’ll be leaving work that late at night, it’s impractical for us to ride our bikes. After that crazy schedule we’ll start traveling and still have strange schedules.

This week has been a little strange, as Zach has had some contractors working with him from 11am to 8pm every night. So he biked to work yesterday and I drove to work. I drove in with my bike on my car because I needed to get a quick tune up before I had a dinner date with my friend Kristi and her kids. I went back to work to pick up Zach and we decided we’d ride home. So we left my car at work and, in partial darkness, (we do have lights on the front and back of our bikes) we rode home. The cool night air was wonderful! It’s too bad that it’s not practical to ride in the dark, because it’s so much cooler at night!!!

We got up this morning and decided we’d ride to work (we did have a back-up plan – if we were too tired, we’d just drive Zach’s truck and we’d each have a vehicle to drive home today – good thing we work together and can drive to work in one car). We did it! Whew! Zach has to work really late tonight and since we had our bikes and one car at work, I caught a ride home with a friend. I didn’t want to ride home alone! He’ll probably bike to work again tomorrow morning because he only has to be there a few hours and I have to be there early. But this was our only real time for this year to get to bike to work.

From here on out we’ll make use of our time away from work (what little there is) to bike around and get some exercise. We plan on riding to and from places in our neighborhood within 5 miles or so whenever we can and it’s practical. Small trips to the grocery store, to softball games, to the gym, etc. It’s fun riding around and getting to enjoy all the beautiful sights that are right in our back yard!!

Keep an eye out for us on the road, we’ll be out there!! 🙂