Big Girl!


This week started off with a big pile of dirt out front for Ellie to play in! Zach had dirt delivered for our garden beds. While he shoveled and moved it, Ellie played in the dirt! Once night she even laid down and made a dirt-angel! She can be so prissy and so tom-boy in the same breath!


Friday morning Ellie woke up and asked to wear big girl panties. I figured we’d give potty training a try if she wanted to…. we’re still in the process but I AM AMAZED! AMAZED! She’s doing great! Some things have been trial and error, but Zach and I keep brainstorming ideas and Ellie just keeps getting better. We’ve been house-bound for three days but I’m so glad we’ve been able to stay home to do this. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but she’s doing so good! I hadn’t planned on trying potty training any time soon but I’m so glad I decided to “let” her wear big girl panties when she asked! I can’t wait until I can say “Ellie is potty trained!” I’m pretty sure it’s just around the corner!


Ethan is just talking and talking these days! He is using his tongue and it’s so great to hear him making noise! When he starts to cry and get extra upset, he makes a “M’ and “ma” noise! I think he’s calling for mama! I love it! 🙂 He enjoys sitting in his bouncy seat – he can make it bounce like crazy! He also likes sitting in his bumbo and playing with toys on the tray.


I’m pretty sure he adores his sister! 🙂


Love these kids!!


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