Big Girl Bed!


We moved Ellie into a Big Girl bed this weekend. We need the crib for baby #2 in a few months, so we decided to bite the bullet and just move her to a bed now. The goal was to get her settled into a bed well before baby boy turns her world upside-down.

We didn’t want to buy a toddler bed so we decided to purchase a mattress to put on the floor. We wanted a full mattress because the headboard/footboard we have for her that matches her furniture is for a full bed.

Friday night we went and got the mattress, then came home to get her room rearranged before bedtime. Ellie played around in her room while we took her crib apart, moved the glider out of her room and secured her dressers and bookshelf to the wall. I think her being there and seeing all the “old” things moving out really helped the transition. As soon as we moved the mattress into her room, she went crazy! We were trying to make the bed and she wanted to jump, jump, jump! We had read the “Five Little Monkeys” book several times – in preparation to teach her not to jump on the bed. Any time we’ve had to tell her this weekend not to jump on her bed, she’ll sit down and then point her finger and try to say “no more monkeys jumping on the bed!” It’s hilarious!

So far, bedtime has been pretty successful. I lay down with her while she drinks her milk. I used to sing to her while I rocked her, but now she just likes to turn on her glow-worm and listen to the music. When she’s done drinking, she gives me her sippy cup, says “done” and then rolls over to go to sleep. I give her a kiss and say “night-night” and leave. She’ll lay there for a while and then fall asleep. After an hour, she’ll wake up and then start rolling around in her crib. She sometimes gets out to go get a book and then comes back to bed and “reads” it to her stuffed animals. Within 30 minutes to an hour she falls back asleep and then sleeps all night! She wakes up between 8:00 and 9:00 still. After rolling around in bed a bit, she’ll get up and start “reading” books. I give her a little bit of alone time and then go get her. She’s such a good girl!

Nap time has been a little different than when she napped in her crib. She used to wake up after an hour, roll around and then go back to bed. So far – the last couple of days, as soon as she wakes up she goes and grabs books and doesn’t go back to sleep. We’ll see what habit she gets into over the next week. She took a short nap today and then had a really rough afternoon and was super tired at bedtime. Hopefully she’ll get better at staying in bed a little longer at nap time.

We’re so proud of how well she’s adjusted to her new bed! We’ll have to wait and see what kind of routine she gets into, but so far it’s pretty great!

Other fun things this week…

  • Ellie LOVES pulling canned foods out of the pantry and placing it somewhere in the family room. She’ll pull a bunch out, move it, then move it again. We just love watching to see what she decides she needs to do! She plays so well, just making things up and using her imagination! See all the canned foods on the table behind her…

  • She really loves her tea set in the bath tub – again, just making up whatever she wants to do and she would play in there for hours if we’d let her!

  • She’s starting to close doors A LOT – sometimes she closes the door with her inside a room and then she’s trapped… she can’t open doors yet! She’ll knock to have us let her out.

  • She dances anytime she hears music – she really likes dancing with just her arms or shaking her head.

  • Ellie loves to give us directions – when playing, she’ll tell us where she wants us to sit or what we should do with something. It’s a lot of pointing and little words, but it’s so funny!

  • Ellie loves the Disney movie Tangled – she says words of things that are getting ready to happen and she mouths the words to the songs they sing.

  • She really loves eating canned peaches lately – and drinking the juice too!


What a sweet girl! We love her so much!

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