Big Eater


Ellie has been eating non-stop for the past week! She wakes up in a bad mood lately – the bad mood doesn’t last too long if we feed her breakfast ASAP. Same thing with nap-time, we gotta get some snacks right away otherwise she is grumpy!! I’m just amazed at how hungry she’s been! I finally started buying her a corn cob of her own for dinner because I was tired of us having to share half of ours with her! She ate all of her corn on the cob the other night! And she ate a whole bunch of watermelon before that! Today she inhaled a whole bunch of pineapple in one sitting! I haven’t weighed her lately – but she sure feels like she’s getting heavier!

This is her, “I want a bite” face:


With all the food she’s been eating – she’s pooping a little more consistently also! She’s pooped on the potty three times this week after bath time! She starts acting like she needs to go at the end of her bath, so I pull her out to dry her off and then I sit her on the potty and we read a book waiting for her to go. It’s pretty great to be able to read her signs and help her go in the potty! Such a big girl!!

She still loves taking a wipe and “cleaning” the floor! It’s so cute to watch her help clean! I pulled the broom out yesterday to sweep up some dirt and she wanted the broom so bad!!


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In pregnancy news, there’s really nothing new going on this week but I didn’t really talk about my pregnancy and how I was feeling last week, so I’ll do that this week. I had been feeling pretty sick from the beginning of my pregnancy – more so than when I was pregnant with Ellie. I wasn’t throwing up, thankfully, but I just felt SO sick! When I spoke with my doctor at my 8-week appointment she told me that still nursing Ellie was not so great for me.

I was still nursing her three times a day when I was home with her. We had tried transitioning her to cow’s milk at a year and she just refused – so I kept nursing her because it was easy. In March, I stopped pumping at work and was trying to slowly drop my supply. I didn’t even think that nursing and growing a baby in my belly would wear me out so much – but it sure did!!! So – after my appointment, Zach and I decided I needed to stop nursing. I started giving Ellie a bottle of frozen breast milk at nap time and bed time – burning through my frozen supply twice a day, versus twice a week (which was all she had before when I was working – just a bottle at nap time). In the middle of the night, we decided I would still nurse her for another week – to help my supply drop gently and to cut her off slowly.

And yes, she was still waking up once or twice at night. It was about time for us to try cry-it-out again in the middle of the night since we were finally in the house and settled after a couple of weeks. We had so many issues with getting her to sleep all night – after her first birthday she had been doing great at sleeping all night for just a few weeks, but teething screwed it up and since we had neighbors above us at the apartment I just didn’t want to deal with a screaming baby in the middle of the night! SO – once the frozen supply was all gone, we decided to let her cry-it-out a few nights to see what would happen. It took two or three nights and she’s been sleeping like a champ since then!!!

Of course, being pregnant I don’t get to sleep all night because I wake up at least once to use the bathroom – but not getting up to mess with Ellie is amazing!!! I’m so proud that I nursed Ellie until she was 18-months old! It’s definitely longer than I originally planned – but it worked for us and was great!

Ellie now has a sippy-cup of cow’s milk at nap time and bed time and that’s been going pretty well… although it’s chocolate milk, we can’t get her to drink just plain milk. We use Ovaltine for the chocolate flavoring – so I feel like it’s the best of all the chocolates we could be using. That’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

Anyway – now that I’m not nursing, I’m not feeling as sick as often. The past few weeks I’ve still been feeling sick in the late afternoons and early evenings… but it’s not unbearable!

I had been taking naps in the afternoons when I’m home with Ellie during her nap time – but I’ve skipped naps the last few days thinking I’d be okay. But I think I still need to take some extra naps! Maybe for just a few more weeks!

In house news – our front yard landscapers completed the sprinkler system, bushes and rocks this week! The front yard is provided by our builder – so we didn’t have any say as to when they worked on our yard – we’re just glad it was sooner than later! We have a tree in the front yard and one in the back yard. We’ll plant a few more bushes in the back yard this week and then we’ll eventually plant some more bushes sometime this summer!