Basement Shower Weekend #3


Here’s a quick shower remodel update:

We didn’t really get a break between last weekend and this weekend…

  • Monday night we taped and cemented the Hardie Backer walls

  • Tuesday night we finished another layer of mud on the sheet rock and then put red-guard (this is the liquid-sealer I talked about last week) on all the inside seams

  • Wednesday night we actually took a break

  • Thursday night we did another layer of red-guard and then sanded the mud seams of the sheet rock

  • Friday we had the texture blown on the walls (we had a pro do this)

  • Friday evening we did one row of tile near the bottom of the shower (the goal there was to get a solid row from which the rest of the tiles would rest on Saturday – row by row)

  • Saturday we got about 2/3 of the wall tiled (few cuts were needed and so we made lots of progress)

  • Sunday we finished the rest of the top of the wall and the ceiling (it didn’t look like we got a lot accomplished because there were cuts needed for almost every piece!

  • Monday we finished the niche, the curb and the door-frame

  • Zach’s mom painted our ceiling and wall where the next texture was blown – this helped us out a lot, one less thing for us to do!


Looks like that wall was always there, huh?!

During the week, we would put Ellie to bed and then go work in the basement for two or three hours… this weekend we worked on the shower during her two 2-hour naps each day, and then for about 3 or 4 hours every night after she went to bed… we would get to bed between 11:30 and 12:30. It’s amazing how different a project like this goes when you have a baby to take care of! I’m looking forward to some extra sleep this week!

Wow! I’m so proud of the progress we made this weekend!! It looks great!!

Still to do:

  • Return tile (we over-estimated, which is good, but we have lots to return… yeah for money back!)

  • Order our shower door (it’s a 10-day lead time)

  • Seal the marble floor Tuesday night (we’ll do this before we grout so the grout doesn’t stain the marble)

  • Grout (next weekend)

  • Install the door (when we receive it)

  • Install baseboards

  • Find a towel rod

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