Basement Shower Remodel


I helped Zach finish our basement before it was even my basement. At the time, we built in a bathroom with a toilet and sink but didn’t consider a shower. At the time it didn’t matter. At the time we were both very inexperienced do-it-yourself-ers and had no idea what we were capable of. See above – part of the bathroom and a big open space with nicely finished walls…

Now, five years later, we are remodeling the basement to install a shower.  My parents come up once a week and stay in our basement the night before they watch Ellie. The basement is a great guest room – except for the fact that they have to go up two flights of stairs to shower in the “Jack & Jill” bathroom next to Ellie’s room. The 3rd bedroom is open, so they can go through there to enter the bathroom – but eventually if we have a second kid, they would have to sneak through one of the kids’ rooms. Not so good!

So we planned out the next three weekends to tear out the bathroom wall, frame new walls, install plumbing, run electrical and tile the shower. We started Friday afternoon and worked until Sunday evening. It’s a lot different working on big home improvement projects with a little one in our lives… she takes time and energy that we can’t completely devote to the project. I think we handled it pretty nicely though… Zach’s folks came over and helped – Kent helped with the labor and Glennie helped with Ellie. We got a lot more accomplished than originally planned because of the extra help!

Demolition went quickly and neatly – which was necessary since this room still has to be useable while construction is under way. We got the old walls down on Friday evening. Saturday Kent and Zach spent the day framing in the new space – which was tricky in this strange basement!  Sunday we all pitched in to tie in the new plumbing fixtures – lots of spilled water and a little MAP gas later and the inlet plumbing was done. We also got most of the electrical work and cable run back into the appropriate spots. We still have the outlet plumbing drain to go and then the infrastructure is done.

When we weren’t making lots of noise (sawing, drilling, etc.) Ellie sat on the bed and played so we could see her… she’s a good baby! It was probably not the best way to spend Father’s Day, but Ellie got to be around her daddy and Zach got to be around his Dad… so I guess that’s pretty good!


We’re getting our custom shower pan installed on Friday, so we have quite a bit to do before they come… so much for just working on the weekends!

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