I’ve wondered how on earth I will find a balance when caring for these two kiddos each day. With the help from grandmas for at least a couple of hours most days Zach is at work and then Zach being home on the weekends, I haven’t have to do too much on my own at the hard times. I’ve slowly tried to force myself lately, in order to gain confidence that I can figure it out and do it. That might even mean sending grandma home right before nap time starts so I have to do it on my own! 🙂


I feel like I’ve found that balance I was hoping for! Last week and early this week, Ellie had been skipping naps. It was painful – she was so tired by 4pm that everything was a melt-down. That was not fun! She fell asleep in the car on the way home from lunch with Zach on Wednesday. I carried her up to her bed and she took a long nap (her first nap in a week)! After that day, she’s taken a nap every day…. but we changed up how we do nap time. Now, I have her come upstairs at 12:30 – I feed Ethan in his room after I get Ellie ready for a nap (PJs and diaper changed). She can read in her room or Ethan’s room for an hour. This is her wind-down time, all major toys are put away and it’s just books. All the other doors are closed upstairs, so she can only go between those two rooms (typically if I’m feeding Ethan, I shut his door so she’s confined to his room and not getting into any trouble!) After I get Ethan to sleep, we lay in her bed while she drinks her milk and falls asleep. Some days have been more difficult than the others for her to fall asleep, but eventually she does and then I get to take a nap in my bed! Everyone is happier because of it!!

On Thursday night, it took Zach almost two hours to get home from work. There was a road closure that caused lots of headaches on every road from there to here! Ugh!! By 6:30, when I knew Zach wasn’t going to be home anytime soon, I brought Ellie upstairs with me to feed Ethan and put him to bed, then got Ellie going in the bath. I was pretty proud of the fact that, again, I was able to balance the kiddos enough to get bedtime accomplished. Luckily Ellie had a nap that day and pushing bath/bedtime a little later was ok! Zach got home while Ellie was still in the bath, so I didn’t do all of bedtime by myself, but at least the first part went smoothly when I had to do it by myself.

Balance… I’m figuring it out. It feels good. I’m confident. It’s taken me long enough 🙂  Not to say that every day and every situation is going to run smoothly, because I know it won’t… but right now I’m happy things are going the way they are! 🙂


I weighed Ethan this week with me on the bathroom scale. It’s not perfectly accurate, but he was 11.5 lbs.! We won’t get an official weight until his two-month appointment, so we may be a little off. He’s already out-grown the newborn outfits he had and he’s almost out-grown his 0-3 month (8-12 lbs.) sleepers!


Ethan smiles a lot these days!! He sleeps from 6:30/7:00pm to 6:15/6:45am with one waking in between there – usually between 1:30 and 2:30! I can do this once-a-night waking thing! He was acting like he was drowning earlier this week because of an over-supply issue I had! We’ve started working it out and he’s getting better milk from me and not feeling like he’s drowning anymore! Getting that fixed also helped him finally stretch to three-hours between feedings during the day. He’s still our laid-back boy!


Here are some fun things about Ellie this week:

  • She loves singing “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus” when getting out of the bath tub

  • She can finally say “ABCs, next time won’t you (hummm) with me” at the end of her ABCs

  • She loves reading Madeline and I recorded her version of it this week (see the video below)

  • She’s started playing more on her own this week: stacking cups, collecting balls, looking through books, etc. while I feed Ethan

  • She has started adding “y” to lots of words: Bun Rabby (bunny rabbit), Soupy, Nappy, Musy (music), Ribby (my McRib sandwich)

  • She can almost sing all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and just randomly sings it during the day

  • She saw a guy at Zach’s work that was a bigger guy with dark hair and a dark jacket, she started saying “Mickey Mouse, Pete!” over and over because she thought he looked like Pete!

  • When she sees a man with a beard, she thinks he’s Santa Clause (it doesn’t matter if it is gray or not)

  • She will stack boxes or pots or something and say “frosty snow man”… she thinks she’s building a snowman

  • If she’s struggling with something and I help her fix it, she’ll say “this fine” or “this ok”

  • She loves coloring and is getting better and better each day at coloring pictures – not just looking like random scribbles!

  • We made it back to church and Bible Study this week – she wasn’t too sure about the nursery, but ended up having a fun time and when we picked her up she said “so proud you!” because she knew she did good and we were so proud of her! I think she was proud of herself too!


Here’s Ellie reading Madeline with daddy. When she knows that we’re taking pictures or video, she wants to see what we’re doing. That made reading this story difficult, because she kept wanting to see what I was doing. After the story was done, we sat and watched this video. It’s LONG!

Ellie loves playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge. This week, she’d pull a letter off of one side, say the letter and a word, then put it on the other side of the fridge. Sometimes she would just say the letter and I’d ask what the letter stood for. These are all of her word choices:

M – Mama

E – Ellie

I – Ice Creams (yes, it’s plural)

H – hats

D – Dada

P – Papa

B – Ball

Q – Quiet (she whispered it)

A – Apple

U – Umbrella

Y – Yak

W – Wonderful (she wraps her arms around herself when she says it)

T – Tigger, bouce (and she bounced!)

This girl is so much fun! I love all the new things she says and does and sings. She loves her brother and wants to be everywhere he is. She doesn’t like sharing, but that will take time!


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