Baby Footprints

Tiny Baby Footprints
Tiny Baby Footprints

To start off this blog, I guess I should tell you the name we’ve given our little baby: Small Fry. The other day, Zach called me his “sweet potato” as he normally calls me cute pet names that are all over the place (I love it!) and then he said “oh, I guess that makes our baby a sweet potato fry!” Then after laughing about how cute that was, we decided we should call our baby “small fry”… it stuck, so here’s the update on our Small Fry:

Yesterday was my 16-week appointment. When we had our first set of appointments, they told us we would have an ultrasound at 12 and 20 weeks. So when I scheduled the 16-week appointment I wasn’t expecting an exciting appointment and Zach didn’t come with me because we figured it would be a boring check up. As I was driving to my appointment I thought, “I wonder what we’ll do today, I don’t have any complaints or questions and I’m not sure what they’ll ask.”

When I went in, the nurse pulled out the doppler machine so she could hear the baby’s heart rate – it was 151! Still going strong! I was so excited to get to hear Small Fry’s heart beat! The exam room I was in actually had an ultrasound machine in it, but I still didn’t expect an ultrasound. Then the doctor came in and she asked a few questions and then said “want to take a look?” Of course I said YES! Before she started, she asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby if she could see it and I told her “No, Zach and both of our moms are coming for the 20-week appointment so we can all find out together. I’d hate to find out now and not let them be a part of it.” She understood and started the machine.

Our Small Fry was moving around like crazy! This time it did not look like hiccups… Small Fry was moving around so much that the doctor couldn’t even get a good profile picture! We were cracking up! I was so sad that Zach missed it and I didn’t take the video camera because I didn’t expect it!

The picture above is of our baby’s feet pressed against the wall. Its legs are crossed, because the footprints are backwards!

This picture is almost a profile view – right before she snapped the picture, Small Fry lifted both of its hands making the motions of “Y” in the YMCA dance! We thought it was like our baby was saying “Hey! Look at me!” You can’t really see the arm on the right side of the picture, but it’s there!


This picture is of the leg. On the left side is where the baby’s head would be, but the picture is cutting it off. Follow that down and you see the knee and the foot at the top!


I loved getting to see our Small Fry again! At one point in time, the doctor had me close my eyes and she took a peek to see if she could tell if it was a boy or a girl. She didn’t make a sound, so I don’t know if she was able to see or not. I guess we’ll find out in 3 weeks! My 20-week appointment should be in 4 weeks but there weren’t any openings available, so we get to go in a week earlier to find out. June 10th is the day we can start calling our Small Fry a he or a she!!

You can see photos of the ultrasound in our Pregnancy Photo Album.