Babbles and Bobbles


After her birthday party last weekend, it seemed like Ellie was babbling more than ever! She also seemed to be taking more steps and bobbling around with so much energy!

Here’s a silly video we took last night of her just playing:

We attempted cow’s milk this week – putting about 1oz with 3oz of breast milk. She didn’t seem to taste a difference and her belly seemed to handle it okay. We’ll continue to add more cow’s milk until that’s all she’s drinking. I’ll probably still nurse her at night for a while until we can figure out how to get her sleeping through the night. It’ll be an interesting game of trial and error… but it’s neat to be in this new stage.

Ellie also tried yogurt for the first time this week. Daddy let her get crazy with the yogurt container and she ate more than if we just tried to feed her from the spoon:

Ellie had her 12-month check-up this week. She got a couple of shots and the 2nd half of her flu shot. She weighed in at 18 and a half pounds and 28 inches long. Of course she screamed any time the nurse was around because she knows what the nurse does… but she sure loves her doctor! He’s sweet to her! 🙂


We installed Ellie’s new car seats (one in each of our cars) and she looks like such a big girl sitting in it!

For a few weeks now, we’ve been playing a “peek-a-boo” game on the touchpad. This little guy appears, then hides behind one of three objects. Once you touch the object he peeks out and then new objects come out and it starts all over. Ellie’s face just lights up when the little guy says “peek-a-boo!” It’s so fun! Her favorite object is the elephant! 🙂

In other news, they broke ground on our house Saturday afternoon!! What an exciting day!? It’s finally real! Until now, it was just some weird dream… we moved into an apartment and were awaiting something… just waiting. And now… it SO real that’s it’s unbelievable!!

We posted some pictures from this week in the November 2011 album.