Hello October- already!

Last time I posted was near the end of it’s almost October – that’s just too much time to not post! We finished the summer wonderfully – lots of visits to the park, getting ice cream or slurpees, hanging out with friends and lots of travel for me too!


I traveled for work at the end of July for the first time in almost 5 years! Then a few weeks later, Zach and I went to Las Vegas – leaving the kiddos at home. It was nice to get away together and enjoy a kid-free vacation for the weekend. At the end of October, I spent the weekend in Oklahoma with my college roommates – we hadn’t all been together since we graduated in 2004! It was a wonderful weekend and such a sweet time with my friends! It was weird leaving the kids as much as I did this summer, but they did great – I certainly won’t make that a habit of so many trips so close together but it was so nice to know that they’re old enough now to be ok with me being gone and know that I’ll always come back! 🙂


Ellie started school in mid-August and she loves her class. She didn’t have to hide her head from her teacher walking into class this year. Last year, it was EVERY TIME we went into class… so this is a huge improvement! She’s enjoying her classmates and is looking forward to her Gymnastics birthday party coming up!


Ellie attended a birthday party for a little boy from her class that she’s just crazy about! It was a pool party and she really enjoyed the party! So cute!!


For labor day weekend, we rented a cabin near Leadville and had the best weekend getaway! The kids really enjoyed the cabin and being in the mountains. We spent some time in Vail, playing at the playground there and also went to the hot springs in Buena Vista. It was SO much fun! There were some neighborhood dogs that came and hug out on our deck and Ellie just fell in love with “Murphy”…


Two other fun things that Zach and I planned out were doing the Wipeout Run and taking a long bike ride last weekend. It’s nice to finally be able to do some outings for just the two of us!


And lastly, here are some funny things for the kids that I’ve written down the last few months:


  • He got a little Minion with a lego block and he calls it his “wego me-yon” (Lego Minion)
  • He is such a good eater – he really loves sandwiches and burgers these days, which is quite the joy to watch him eat!
  • He is finally into blocks and building things with legos.
  • He likes to draw pictures now instead of just writing numbers and letters.
  • When Ethan wants to race, he says “mommy, say on your market” ha!
  • Ellie was doing a “magic trick” at dinner one night and she said “abra cadabra and close your eyes” because she was hiding something. Ethan copied and said “abra cadabra, close your eyes and take a nap!” haha!
  • When Ethan puts his blocks away, he says “Goodnight R. Goodnight 9. Goodnight plus…” so funny!
  • Ethan was playing an easy game of matching, Frozen style. He flipped over Anna and Hans and said “Anna and Hangry”.





  • Both kids actually play together pretty well sometimes these days!
  • Ellie likes to wake Ethan up from his nap by reading to him – it’s so sweet!
  • She told me one day “When I’m a parent, I will let my kids do anything they want! I want to have kids so I can give them candy!” Oh honey!
  • We told Ellie we were going to Las Vegas and she was so confused “Why is it called Lost Vegas?”
  • Ellie said “in Frozen, when Elsa runs away, why didn’t she drive a car?” I explained how it was supposed to be before they had cars and she said “oh, like back in the day?” Exactly! A month later, Grammy and I were talking and Grammy asked me “did you know I sold Mary Kay back in the day?” and Ellie was surprised and asked “before there were cars??” hahaha!
  • Ellie told us that Gramps said she had a freckle on her nose. We looked and decided she didn’t. Then she said “Gramps must have a freckle on his glasses!!”


Ellie got this stick-on mustache from the dentist… she wore that to a bunch of stores and made sure to tell people “it’s not real” if they commented on it! ha!



Love these kids!!


Check out some of the latest photos in the following albums:


Quick post



We’ve never done this before and posted “on the go” so I thought that we would give it a shot because WordPress allows it…

The whole family was at our local grocery store this morning after church and Ethan was looking at the numbers as he is known to do when he said “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Uh Oh – 6, Seven…”. I said “uh oh – why did you say that buddy?” And Lori said, “Oh, look at the aisle numbers – the 6 is missing – that’s why he said uh oh”…

My jaw hit the cart :). I’m a proud daddy!



New Website!

Hey Everyone –

In case you didn’t notice, we changed our website layout!  A little history, we’ve been using iWeb – a product (used to be) included with all new Apple Computers.  Well – it seems that Apple has given up on the Web Logging (Blogging) community – don’t know if they think Facebook/Twitter/whatever took over and there’s no place for Web Logging anymore, or what…BUT anyway, I digress…

iWeb hasn’t been been updated since a random bug fix in 2011…and it has become obvious that Apple has no intention of updating the iWeb software going forward…

SO – I’ve spent every night over the last 2 weeks to migrate our website over from the iWeb software to the much more modern and well supported WordPress blogging software.

It was a very tedious task, but we really hope you like the change!!



Welcome Ethan Taylor Scholz


Ethan’s birth story was, to summarize, FAST and FURIOUS!  Lori started having random contractions starting on Sunday afternoon.  They were not painful and were never closer than 15 minutes apart. She had another set of random contractions Monday and Tuesday mornings but they never lasted long. Then today, Lori and I woke up around normal time to go to work…in fact, I was in the middle of hitting Snooze around 6:45 when Lori said that she had already had 3 contractions – strong ones, lasting a full minute and were about 5 minutes apart.  We called Gigi (my mom) to come over to keep track of Ellie for the day and we QUICKLY got ready to go.  To recap Ellie’s birth story, from Lori’s water breaking (and the first contraction) to birth was a whopping 3.5 hours – so we knew we had to be quick!!

Since it’s a work day, and we were driving into Denver Tech Center Traffic, we knew we needed to get on the road quickly!  As usual, traffic backed up shortly after we got on the highway, and my mind turned to potential delivery of Ethan on the side of the road…but the Good Lord took good care of us and we got onto surface streets and pulled into the hospital parking lot around 7:25. We got Lori admitted and were taken up to Labor and Delivery.

Whether it was the full moon, or pure coincidence, the Labor and Delivery floor at our hospital was TOTALLY full – so they put us in a Triage room (telling us that they’d move us into a proper room when one opened up)…I laughed and said to Lori, “Ok – I guess we’ll be having a baby in Triage” … at this point, I don’t think it was clear to the nursing staff that this baby was coming SOON.  Before we were taken up to Labor & Delivery, Lori had already been on her hands and knees in the lobby of the hospital because she was just about ready to push…

Once we got settled in the Triage room, Lori was basically ready to push…and when you start making lots of noise in the Triage room, you get lots of attention.  We had (in a VERY small room…that was shared with 3 other beds) the floor Nurse Practitioner, the floor OB/GYN (to catch in case our OB didn’t make it in time) and no less than 3 nurses.

Lori has been in the Triage bed for all of 10 minutes and she’s ready to push.  The nurses are trying to get an IV line in (just for saline) and get a reading on fetal heart rate, but Lori is in a really awkward position so they break her water (yup…hasn’t broken yet) and they flipped her on her back and out popped Ethan…before our OB even made it to the hospital!  Chock another baby up to the Bradley Method – all natural birth…Lori is my hero!

Ethan Taylor Scholz made an entry into the world at 8:03am – weighing 8lbs, 0oz and 21” long.  He was having a bit of a hard time catching his breath (who wouldn’t with that quick of a push into the world?) and was quite purple. They took him to the nursery and put him on oxygen for about an hour, after that he pinked right up!! After that he nursed for a bit, had a bath and met his big sister and grandparents! He was sleepy for about 6 hours and has now nursed two more times this evening – along with some good poops! He’s doing great!!!


Lori’s labor started right around 6:30am…so if we have any more kids, we are going to have to find a midwife that lives across the street so we’re sure to get there in time!  We’re so blessed to have 2 happy and healthy children and we couldn’t be happier!


Check out Ethan’s pictures in the Ethan Taylor’s Birth photo album.


Valentines Day

shapeimage_1Ellie –

Today is your first Valentines Day, so I thought it appropriate to tell you how much you mean to me.

I’ve never known such love for someone so small. You show me that I am far from perfect – that my patience will grow deeper each day and that my heart and love for you will grow as well.

You coo and smile and my heart melts for you. You scream and cry and my heart breaks for you. You confound and confuse me like no woman before you ever has, but you return so much joy to my heart and my life.

Each day I look at pictures of you at work and I literally giggle out loud. I can’t remember my life before you came into my world…and couldn’t possibly imagine my life without you in it.

You are truly the apple of my eye – I love you Eleanor.




Eleanor Grace Scholz


Announcing the birth of our darling little girl!

Born: 10/31/2010 @ 9:12 am Mountain Daylight Time

Weight:  7 lbs, 6 oz

Length:  19.5”

Head Circumference:  13.5”

Our Birth Story:

So our Birth Story is probably like many, but we don’t know anyone who had this situation.  Lori woke me up at 5:45 am with the announcement
“Zach – My water just broke” – to which I replied – “What – are you kidding??”.  My reply was this abrupt because at this point, she’d not had a single contraction – no sign of labor at all.

While she was getting cleaned up – I went to the grocery store to procure some absorbent material so we could go out in public and spend the day “walking the mall” or whatever – laboring (as we had been prepared to do).  During this cleanup process, her contractions began in earnest.  She quickly (within 30 minutes or so) had contractions that lasted 1 full minute in duration and were spaced about 5 minutes apart.

We talked about getting ready and going to get some breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels. We called Lori’s parents to tell them they should come hang out in Denver for the day.

While getting ready, her contractions maintained their duration, but the pace quickened to a furious three and a half minutes between contractions. We called my folks to have them go get the Einstein’s for us so Lori could continue to labor in the privacy and comfort (if there was any to be had) of our own home – with me by her side. When we realized going out to breakfast wouldn’t happen, we called Lori’s parents back to tell them they might want to hurry, we weren’t sure how this was going to go.

At 8:00 am, while my folks were getting Einstein’s, the contraction pace quickened again to about two and a half minutes apart – which signaled our time to head to the hospital (Einstein’s or not).  We headed out the door and passed my parents on the way down our street – which kind-of looked like a car to car hi-five – but with a bagel in hand. With a third call to Lori’s parents that we were heading to the hospital!

Below is a picture of Lori – just before leaving the house…this look on her face of happiness would soon turn to a grimace as the contractions were getting STRONGER…


We were so blessed to hit every single green light on the way to the hospital – which, if you’ve ever been to Highlands Ranch, you know there were at least 100 lights to go through on the way.  This was MOST important as Lori was quickly entering the Transition phase of labor.  She tried her best to lift herself off of the car seat, as the roads in Highlands Ranch leave much to be desired in terms of smoothness, but either way – laboring the car is NOT ideal.

We arrived at Sky Ridge Hospital around 8:20 and entered through the Emergency Room entrance.  The OB ward was summoned to get us from admissions and wheel us up to Labor and Delivery.  At this point, contractions are coming back-to-back…no pauses, no breaks.  Lori was absolutely amazing.  She rode the elevator, mid-contraction and the nurse kindly asked her to “calm down” – to which she replied, “It’s not a matter of being calm – this just HURTS!”.

For those of you keeping track, Lori has now made it up to her room, she’s been admitted and has been “checked” for the first time in this pregnancy.  No problem – she’s only 9 centimeters dilated!!!  She’s telling the nurse that she’s ready to push.  They quickly call our OB-GYN, who just got back into the country from a working mission trip to Juarez, Mexico.  Lori had pushed (even though the nurses told her not to) for 2 contractions.  Dr. Gipson was 2 minutes out when the on-call OB-GYN showed up and (because Dr. Gipson was 2 minutes out) was there “just-in-case”.  Dr. Gipson arrived and got Lori switched over to laying on her back – up to this point, Lori had been laboring on her side.  Lori started pushing with all her might – 5 or 6 big pushes later, our little Ellie was crowning.  A couple more pushes and her head was free and 5 seconds after her head came out, so did the rest of her.

She scored an 8 on her 1 minute APGAR and a 9 on her 5 minute APGAR scores.  Colorado babies typically score lower than sea-level babies on APGAR because of the thin air – and Ellie was no exception.  She was mostly purple when she came out, but she was screaming and moving like crazy.  With only 30 seconds on oxygen she was as pink as a breast cancer ribbon.  The time is now 9:12 am – right at three-and-a-half hours after our first sign of labor – delivered completely without Pitocin or an Epidural – all Natural!!

Here’s our precious angel during her “8” APGAR score moments…


And again – just a few moments after she pinked up a bit…


What an amazing journey – never in a million years would we have thought that this would be the way this would play out.

Lori was moved from the labor and delivery room into the postpartum rooms within a few hours.  During the move, Ellie got to meet both of her sets of grandparents…here’s our girl with my parents…

And one with Lori’s parents

After a couple of hours, I went with Ellie for her first bath in the nursery.

What a halloween – we were never really big fans of this holiday, but … it holds a very different meaning to us now – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


We’ll post more pictures within the week – we just wanted to get the news out to share our birth story and show off our beautiful daughter!


Sadly…No more Comments Allowed

Ross and I in Mexico...clearly unrelated to this fact, I can’t fathom a blog where this picture would be applicable...but it sure is fun!
Ross and I in Mexico…clearly unrelated to this blog…in fact, I can’t fathom a blog where this picture would be applicable…but it sure is fun!

Believe me (Zach), it’s not that we DON’T want your comments on our blog…we love hearing from the ones we love…BUT

Someone has ruined the process for everyone.

Let me explain.  Unfortunately, when you put something on the internet, the magic of Google, Yahoo, and the like find your website and make it searchable…don’t ask me how, but I suspect they have a room of elves scouring the internet for new pages.  Because ANYONE can access our website, it is possible for anyone to read our blog, and therefore comment on the pages that they are viewing.  This allows for any submitted comment to be immediately posted to our website…without our approval.

Lets just say that a couple of unwanted comments made their way onto our site, and, long story short, we’ve removed the comment functionality.  We thought this to be the best procedure (as opposed to password protecting the entire site) because we don’t want to burden those that we love with the headache of “logging in” every time you want to catch-up.

At any rate, the rogue comments have been purged from memory (both online and personal), and all is well.  Anyway, if you wanted to comment on this blog and didn’t notice the “Add comment” button like before, your browser is not malfunctioning…it’s simply not there.


Denver Zoo

Big Kitty:  A trip to the zoo means a great day with friends and photos!
Big Kitty: A trip to the zoo means a great day with friends and photos!

Saturday was a “FREE DAY” at the Denver Zoo and we took advantage!  We met up with some friends from church.  I took around 170 pictures…some of which are junk, and some are pretty cool! 🙂  Anyway…not much to say about this blog…we had a great day at the zoo.  The weather was awesome, and the company was excellent.  Seth and Missy and kids hung out until close to noon.  Jake and Susan rode there with us and we hung out until around 3.

Anyway…just wanted to put up a few of the fun pictures!  Enjoy!


And so it Begins…

Jessica & Curtis
Jessica & Curtis

I’ve recently gotten to follow through on a passion I’ve had since high school – Photography. My early Christmas present this year was a digital SLR camera that I can use for all sorts of pictures. Lucky me, I get to start off my career by taking pictures of my Cousin Jessica and her Fiance Curtis. Jess & Curtis have either the fortunate…or unfortunate task of being my personal photography models.  Luckily enough they were just engaged to be married, don’t mind having their pictures taken, and the camera loves them!

These photos were taken last Sunday at Lair o’ the Bear – just West of Morrison on Hwy 74.

Jessica & Curtis’ wedding is planned for January 2010 in Mexico. Since they have a year until the wedding, stay tuned as the seasons change and I’ll take more photos to share with you.

Check out my first set of engagement pictures of Curtis & Jessica in our Jess & Curtis Engagement Photos Album.

Jess and Curtis we’re so excited to be part of this process with you!!


Zach’s First Post

So Close!!  A final picture of the bathroom without the door
So Close!! A final picture of the bathroom without the door

Hey everyone…here’s my first posting…

So essentially, this is an unnecessary post, but I thought this would be a great way for me to make my first post.

Here it is…the finished product sans shower door.  Unfortunately, we got bad news Friday that our shower door would be at Lowe’s on Monday…so we wouldn’t have it until then.  SO…that gave us a nice weekend to rest and relax after staying up until midnight all last week.  We cleaned and protected (sealed the grout) and installed the shower heads and trim pieces for the thermostatic valve and diverters.

Anyway, that’s it…the pictures say it all…we’re so close, but until tomorrow night we won’t have a door to install…so we’ll try to get it installed Monday night so we can get it caulked in and use it Tuesday night.