Shower Demolition Day 2


Progress? Yes. Dramatic progress? No. We didn’t even take pictures tonight, there wasn’t much to see. We did get the huge cement blob off of the floor fairly easily. Well, Zach used a crowbar to loosen it off of the floor and then picked it up and carried it to the garage. To give you an idea of how heavy it was, here it is: we were going to carry it down the stairs together, sharing the weight… but it was too heavy for me to even carry half of it. SO – Zach carried it down the stairs and out the garage all by himself!! What a man!!

So, once we got the cement blob out, there really wasn’t much more demolition to do. We tore up a little of the sub-floor so we can access the drain to move it to the center and also move a drain vent pipe because right now it’s sticking out where we don’t want it in our shower.

So after a trip to Home Depot, we got the parts and pieces to move part of the drain pipe and start work on plumbing the over-head shower heads. After crawling around in the attic for a while, we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow we’ll start fresh after work with the goals of getting the drain, drain vent pipe and over-head plumbing complete. Then we’ll take a step back and decide what to do next! What a mess!! But it’ll be worth it!!! I love doing home improvement projects with Zach… he’s so smart and thorough when he thinks of how to accomplish a task. I am so proud of him and what he can do! And it’s always fun to be by his side, helping any way I can!


Shower Demolition Day 1

Tearing out the first wall… P.S. We wore safety glasses AND gloves during all the demolition… complying with OSHA standards 🙂

The first day of demolition started at about 7 pm and we were done by 10 pm… we got all three walls and the entire tub out in a snap! Even getting some stuff cleaned up as well! All the pictures have spots on them – they look like water spots, but we think they are flashes of dust in the air… oops!

Here’s us with the second wall down and working on the third…


How do we get the tub out??? The sawzall that we just bought from Harbor Freight didn’t work… so we had to hammer it out…


And finally… there’s a huge cement pile that was underneath the tub… we’ll work on that tomorrow! Stay tuned!!


Shower Upgrade

shapeimage_1-2Today was an interesting day, we took off work to hit the slopes for one last time this season. But, before we could head to the mountains, we needed to run some errands. Errands? What errands? Well, here’s our idea: Our master bathroom has a garden tub with a shower curtain… it’s the cookie-cutter master shower that is in most Highlands Ranch homes. We decided we needed a new home improvement project and after completing the kitchen, why not update our shower? We want a 4 foot by 5 foot, glass shower door, with overhead shower heads and multiple body sprays. We have all the hardware, just need to put it all together.

So today we talked to a company that will create a cement shower pan to build our shower from. So we worked out the details with them and they will start their work next week. We also went by the shower door company to find the door we want. After skiing we went and bought some tile, but we still have some more tiles for the wall that aren’t in stock yet.

We’ve got lots of work to do before the rest can be completed… we’ll add pictures as time goes along…. Enjoy watching us work… we’ll enjoy the activities (like we always do) and definitely enjoy the finished product!


A Great Day for Hitting The Slopes

Us at the top of Copper Mountain. The lady that took our picture said she was a journalism teacher – so she made sure to center us on 1/3 of the picture – because that’s how all pictures should be taken! Guess we picked the right person to ask to take our pictures!

Today was our off-Friday and possibly the last time we’ll get to hit the slopes before the end of the season. Copper Mountain closes next Saturday – so we’ll see if we get a chance to skip work one day next week to get in our last day of passes.


The weather in April is always perfect!! Nice snow and warm weather! We’ve really enjoyed Copper this year, even though we’ve only gone there three times times this year! Zach always skis and I switch between skiing and snowboarding each time – depending on the day. So today I snowboarded and it was a blast! There weren’t a lot of people there – which makes it more fun to be able to fly down the slopes and not have to try to watch out for and dodge a lot of people! Zach and I have lots of fun when we go up with friends and when we just go up by ourselves. When we go with friends, we all stop every few hills down the mountain to make sure we regroup and we usually stop for lunch, etc. But when we go up by ourselves, we fly down the mountain, wear ourselves out and usually leave in about four hours with no lunch break.  By the time we get back to the car, we’re refreshed and content with our day’s activities!


A funny thing we realized today is that any time I drive anywhere, we never get stuck in traffic. Zach drives everywhere most of the time, so we don’t have a strong sample to base this hypothesis on, but we do know that any time I’ve driving him to the airport or drive downtown for some reason – there’s been no traffic. The past few years, Zach has always been the one to drive up for a day of skiing – even though we take my SUV (because it has a ski rack). So today we thought we’d test our hypothesis. So I drove and sure enough, it took us a little over an hour to get to Copper and a little over an hour to get home – with absolutely no traffic! Guess that means I should drive more!

Today was a blast and if we don’t get to go up one more time this season, then we are really excited about next season! Hopefully we won’t be traveling so much next season and will be able to get a season pass to Copper & Winter Park. We love Colorado!!!


Goodbye March


March came and went, with some action-packed weeks and weekends…

We started Spring Softball on our Highlands Ranch league a few weeks ago. Of course our first game was canceled because it snowed, but so far so good from here on out. Spring ball will be our warm-up for the Summer League.

Zach traveled a lot this month with a few days each week in Greenville and Salt Lake City. It’s not so bad when he leaves one evening is gone for two days and comes back – working together makes his trips a little more fun because I know what all he’s doing while he travels which follows along with part of what he said in his marriage vows “It’s such an amazing experience to be able to come home from work and discuss my day with you, and have you completely understand what I’m talking about!” I have been pretty swamped at work, so when Zach’s out of town, I work some extra hours but make time to have dinner with Kristi and her kids.

Because out testing phase at work was during the winter months this time around, we knew we wouldn’t be able to hit the slopes as much as we’d like – so we only bought 4-pack passes to Copper Mountain. So far though, we’ve only used two of our four days. The first off-Friday in April is already planned for a ski day, and we’ll probably skip out on work another day in April before Copper closes the second weekend in April.

We had two visitors Easter weekend one of Zach’s friends that he grew up with, Patrick, was in town for the weekend to ski at Breckenridge and Keystone. We met him and his friends at a restaurant near the airport Friday night and got them on their way to their condo in the Mountains. The next day we headed up to the Mountains to ski with Patrick and our second set of visitors.


Zach’s cousin Jamie, her husband Tom, and their 14-month-old son Noah, were at Breckenridge for a week in March with Tom’s family. So we met Tom & Jamie at their condo on Friday (that’s us with them in the title picture) and then Tom & Jamie came into Denver to spend the day with us on Saturday before they left for home on Easter Sunday. This was Lori’s first time to meet Jamie and her family and it was also baby Noah’s first time to meet his Colorado family – including Rick, Alisa, Molly & Jessica. Here’s a cute picture of Molly & Noah. Noah is so cute and fun!


Easter Sunday, Tom & Jamie got up at 4:00 am to head to the airport! Whew! Then we got up and headed to Colorado Springs for church and lunch with Lori’s mom & dad. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Last week, Zach celebrated his 28th birthday by getting up at 3:30 am to head to Salt Lake City for a one day meeting, he was home by 10:00 pm. That made for a LONG day! Not much of a birthday!! But he did get Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake!

This final weekend of March was just as fun as the previous weekend…We hosted our church dinner group at our house,Lori decorated for and attended a baby shower for two of the young married couples at church, while Zach played his first 18-holes of golf this season with Rick. We’ve gotten very involved with the young married class at church and it’s been an amazing experience so far!

So long March… stay tuned for happenings in April…


Hello world!

hello world

Computer geeks will get that reference! “Hello World” is always the first program a computer geek must create – so, since we’re turning a new page with the use of Apple technology, I decided to title our first blog “Hello World”.

Since we got rid of Comcast for cable and internet, we also lost our web-hosting site… so we decided to get an Apple “.mac” account and our own domain name ( so that we can add full sized images to our web page as well as update our web page much faster and easier than before. This new account also has allowed us to easily BLOG on the same site that we have our pictures loaded on!!! So we’ll blog as often as we can to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in our lives.

Since we can add full sized images to our web page now, eventually we’ll update the current pictures (we’ll start with the wedding photos probably) so that they can be viewed much larger! We’ll let you know as those get updated!

We’re really excited about using the mac to share each turn of the pages in our life!!