August Happenings


It’s been a few weeks since we posted on the blog! We haven’t been extremely busy, but life is just moving along! We bought a Blendtec blender a few weeks ago from someone on Craig’s List and since then we’ve been making smoothies just about every night! We’ve been experimenting with different ingredients and really enjoying our evening snacks – feeling a little more healthy than our usual snacks! 🙂

With Zach not being so busy at work, we’ve been able to eat dinner earlier and go for walks after dinner. It’s been SO nice getting to do that! The weather in the evenings has been wonderful! We put the kids in the double stroller and go. We’ve met several neighbors and gotten some great exercise too! 🙂

Our sweet friends, Kim & Shawn got married this weekend! I had the opportunity to attend Kim’s bridal brunch on Friday morning. Not only was it a nice morning kid-free, it was so neat getting to know both Kim’s and Shawn’s out-of-town friends and families! Saturday night was the wedding at a castle in Morrison, CO. It was a beautiful wedding!!! Kim looked amazing and Shawn was so very happy! This was our first date night out since Ethan was born! It was nice to have a kid-free evening and some delicious food! We had a great time visiting and we are so happy for Kim & Shawn!


The kids are finally becoming more interactive together, most days. There are still times (multiple times a day) where Ellie pushes Ethan over because he’s trying to reach for something she has or sometimes just because she feels like pushing him over! Ha! Soon enough, he’ll be pushing her over probably!

Here are some fun things about Ellie (or the two of them together) these last few weeks:

  • While walking one night, we saw an owl on someone’s roof. As we walked away, Ellie asked “do he hoo’s?” – meaning “does he (the owl) hoo?” She wasn’t sure if it was a real owl or not.
  • Ellie put on some sandals I had bought for the wedding this weekend and she said “look mama, I’m married!” And I said, “no, sweetie, I bought these to GO to a wedding, not to get married in.” “Oh, I’m getting wedding” she said, so proud! A week later, we stopped by the same shoe store I’d bought those sandals at and she said “mommy, are you getting married again?” I just died laughing and told her “sweetie, those shoes were to attend a wedding, they weren’t for me to get married.”
  • Ethan gets into our shoes at the back door a lot! I’m constantly having to distract him so he doesn’t try to eat our shoes! Usually Ellie likes to yell “NO!” at Ethan, but the other day she sweetly said to him “Ethan, no shoes buddy” and then moved the shoes from him. It was really cute!
  • Ellie loves hugging Ethan! When he’s in his stroller, she will bend over to hug him (clobbering him) and he just smiles!
  • Ellie has started playing with toys with Ethan (instead of just stealing toys from him) and occasionally tries to get him to chase after toys – it’s adorable to watch!
  • Ellie found me one day after nap time with my eye cover on my forehead because I had just pulled it off my eyes. She thinks this is how you wear it now….


  • I wore a skirt to the bridal brunch on Friday. I don’t wear skirts or dresses very often – which was made more apparent by Ellie’s comment: “Mama! Why are you wearing a dress like a lady?” Then I explained where I was going (without her) and she said “I want to come with your friends mama!”
  • Zach has a cowboy hat (that he never wears) but it sits in a tub in our closet. Ellie wears it quite often and always asks us to wear it too. The other day, she put it on and said “I gonna go work on the farm!” I thought that was so cute!
  • When I pick Ellie up from her grandparents’ houses after work, she gets so excited to tell me all about her day. Every sentence starts with “so”: So we went to the park. So we had pancakes. So I took a nap. She uses the “so” during any conversation where she is telling someone about something that she did when they were not around – like if Zach or the grandparents were gone.

We just love these kiddos!


We have lots more picture in the August 2013 Photo Album.