shapeimage_1We’ve never had large artwork in our house… we have a few custom paintings: a mountain scene that Zach’s grandpa painted, a Valais painting that Zach’s aunt Susie painted and two paintings from my friend Michelle – our family mission statement and a picture in Ellie’s room. These paintings aren’t very large though.

As of this week, we have some very large custom art in our house!!

These two pictures are from Zach for our 5th anniversary:


We saw some pictures by this artist in a coffee shop in Leadville this summer and although we thought they were neat, we didn’t purchase them. A few months later when Zach was trying to think of an anniversary gift he decided to be really creative. You see, the 5th year anniversary gift is wood… aspen trees are wood and the frames are wood framed windows. He called the coffee shop to buy the paintings, only the gal’s paintings were no longer on display at the coffee shop! They had a phone number for her, so Zach was able to call her. She told him the paintings we saw on display were already sold but she could paint some more. He explained the large wall where the paintings would go in our dining room and she said she had just the perfect size of windows and an idea to paint a forest of aspen trees, instead of just one aspen that was in the other one we saw. She delivered them a few weeks later and they look awesome on our wall! The dining room is currently Ellie’s playroom – it will stay that way for a while, but having these pictures on the wall make the room look awesome!

The second set of art came this week. Zach’s aunt Susie is an amazing artist – she paints murals on people’s walls quite often and when we started talking about decorations for our kids’ rooms I knew I wanted her to paint some murals for us! We got a plane ticket for her as soon as we found out we were pregnant with #2, then I started researching what I wanted her to paint.

For Ellie’s room, I wanted the Happi Tree. A friend of mine had painted a similar tree for a baby’s room quite a while back and I knew that was perfect for Ellie. I printed pictures of the decals and Susie used her creativity to paint the wall.

Here’s the Tree…


And a wider view of the tree and Ellie’s “big girl” bed.


And then Susie added two picket fences…


And one with a pink squirrel!


Ellie loves it, and so do we!!

For baby boy’s room, I had picked two different sheets – both had elephants on them and then one had a giraffe and turtle. Again I found some decals that match the print and had Susie get creative with the space in the room. Zach and I had painted the multi-colored checks on the crib wall, but left the rest of the room for Susie’s art…




Turtles under the window…


And the giraffe eating from above the window…


This baby boy’s room is SO cute!!

We’re so happy with the great artwork in our home now! 🙂 You can see all of these pictures in the Current House Photo Album.