And so it Begins…

Jessica & Curtis
Jessica & Curtis

I’ve recently gotten to follow through on a passion I’ve had since high school – Photography. My early Christmas present this year was a digital SLR camera that I can use for all sorts of pictures. Lucky me, I get to start off my career by taking pictures of my Cousin Jessica and her Fiance Curtis. Jess & Curtis have either the fortunate…or unfortunate task of being my personal photography models.  Luckily enough they were just engaged to be married, don’t mind having their pictures taken, and the camera loves them!

These photos were taken last Sunday at Lair o’ the Bear – just West of Morrison on Hwy 74.

Jessica & Curtis’ wedding is planned for January 2010 in Mexico. Since they have a year until the wedding, stay tuned as the seasons change and I’ll take more photos to share with you.

Check out my first set of engagement pictures of Curtis & Jessica in our Jess & Curtis Engagement Photos Album.

Jess and Curtis we’re so excited to be part of this process with you!!