An Interesting Day at Mt. Evans

Picnic on the River:  Lori's Parents and us at the river in Mt. Evans
Picnic on the River: Lori’s Parents and us at the river in Mt. Evans
Lori’s parents came up on Saturday to spend some time in the mountains and then hang out at the house. Mom and Dad drove up to Denver in the Explorer, but we decided to take the Truck up to the mountains. We didn’t want to go all the way to the top, we really just wanted to enjoy a nice day along the river. Hanging out at the river is something Lori did with her family growing up all the time – one of her favorite kinds of memories! So we found a good place to stop and we hiked around a little bit, walking on the rocks on the river, etc. We found a good place to settle down and enjoy our picnic, yum! After cleaning up our picnic site, Zach and I decided to take a longer hike up the rocks, while mom and dad enjoy sitting by the river.

While hiking we heard a loud pop, some sort of crash, and then saw a cloud of dust. I thought it sounded like a 4-wheeler ran flat into a wood door! So we hiked toward the dust cloud, which lead us to the road just above where we were hiking. We came up on the guard-rail right were a motorcycle had crashed into it, coming down the mountain at a tight curve, and there he was, with his bike about 40 feet down the road. There was a couple on a motorcycle who stopped, as well as a guy that was just passing by in his car. So we slowly walked up on the scene to see if there was anything we could do. One of the guys who stopped was an EMT, so it was a hopeful situation. The guy (his name is Cole) on the motorcycle, was doing okay, he had leathers on as well as a helmet. The only thing that wasn’t covered was his hands. So his hands were tore up and his leathers were definitely scratched. God was looking out for him because he hit that guard-rail at probably 80 MPH!! The only reason he wasn’t wearing gloves that day was because he wanted to listen to his MP3 Player and change songs when he wanted to – he can’t do that with gloves on. The park service called the police and an ambulance and cops were on their way. Once the EMT decided that Cole was okay enough to move from the scene, we had to figure out how to get Cole’s totaled motorcycle out of the way of traffic on the street – there were tight curves on either side of where he came to rest after crashing, so we needed to get out of the way. We were the only ones with a pickup truck that could hopefully help get his motorcycle out of the way. Lucky for Cole, we had decided to drive our truck instead of the Explorer up the mountain today!


SO – we jogged back down to where mom and dad and the truck were and drove back up the hill to help Cole out. Zach, the EMT, a big motorcycle Harley guy and COLE picked up that (probably more than 400 pound) motorcycle and put it in the truck. So – about 10 minutes after crashing his motorcycle, Cole was helping lift his own motorcycle! Wow!! So we drove him up around the corner where the was a pull-off. We waited for the ambulance and cops to come. Once he was good to go, we all piled in the truck and headed toward Denver. Cole lives in Castle Rock and had a buddy that could come pick him up in his pick-up truck. So we met Cole’s friend and transferred the motorcycle from our truck to his. Boy, what a day! Cole is pretty upset about his bike, but he’s so lucky only his hands were physically hurt (and probably some bruises the next day) and that his bike was totaled. You can fix a repair a motorcycle, but can’t always fix and repair body parts!

After dropping Cole off, we headed home to hang around the house. The rest of the evening was nice and relaxing. We cooked out and had dinner on our porch in our neat gazebo! Then we played cowboy golf and played some other games! It was fun to enjoy the weather outside – in the mountains (with an interesting turn of events) and in our backyard!

All in all it was a great day and just another day to remind us that God IS watching out for us, but you never know when one pebble, one turn or one drive could cause your life to be completely different.

God, thank you for protecting Cole and everyone else on that mountain yesterday! Please keep Cole safe as he tackles getting a new motorcycle and continues to ride. Help him to see you more in this situation!