Ain’t No Stopping Her


At 9 and a half months, our world has changed. Ellie is now very capable of crawling forward – she will crawl through a pile of toys, over our legs or any obstacle to get where she wants to go. She’s not super fast yet, but give her less than a week and my hands will be completely full! She loves crawling after me on the floor when I have the camera out… then I get some great shots like this:


She’s pulling up now also!! She can pull up on the activity jumper, the stairs and in the bathtub! If we’re on the floor with her, she grabs on to us in any way she can and pulls up. She has a hard time pulling up at the couch right now because there’s not much to grab on to. She’ll  also try pulling up on corners of walls and boxes, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet. It’s pretty amazing to me – she pulled up for the first time on Thursday and it was a lot of work! By Saturday she was pulling up on so many things, so easily!


She loves standing, she will pull up with help from our hands and stand – up and down, up and down for an hour if we let her. She’s gotten really good at holding on and balancing herself with our hands. All this work wears her out and we think that’s helped her get to sleep easier lately.

She also really likes to get on her knees to look at something in her toy baskets – it’s pretty cute when she does:

Something that’s so great for me is that she is so happy just to play by herself. This week I had lots to get done and if I just sat her in the middle of the floor with tons of toys, she’d keep herself entertained for quite some time and not even feel the need to go exploring too much – I know that will change soon!

Ellie LOVES books! She actually lets us read books to her now, instead of just trying to eat the books. She has a lot of soft-sided books that she will open while she’s playing and point at things. It’s pretty cute to watch!


The last bit of news for this week is that Ellie’s top two teeth popped out last night! She’s been a pretty good teether so far… she’ll be a little fussy for a few nights – then later when we realize there’s a tooth ready to pop out, we wonder if that’s why she was having a little bit of a hard time in the previous evenings. If we have to guess, then that’s pretty good!

We’ll finish with two videos we took this weekend. The first one is of Ellie crawling towards the camera while we’re on the floor playing with her. The second one is her crawling under Zach’s legs to get his keys.

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