Active, Active!!!


This boy has become SO ACTIVE! He is not yet crawling, but he does NOT sit still… ever. He can get from one side of a room to the other by scooting on his bottom, rolling, backwards crawling and a sit-up/dive repeated move that gets him pretty far! Sometimes he finds himself stuck and can’t get out… like under the ottoman in the picture above or under his crib! ha!


I can hardly get him to nurse these days (even when he thinks he’s starving) because he just wants to move, move, move!! He is trying to pull up on things but can only get to his knees unassisted. He really enjoys standing with assistance and sometimes when I go to sit him down, he doesn’t bend at his waist because he wants to stand! He still enjoys munching on foods, but doesn’t really ingest much still. He did figure out how to drink out of the sippy cup straw this week!


Since Ethan reached the maximum weight of the infant car seat this week, we had to move Ethan into Ellie’s car seat (turned back around to rear-facing with a new boy-colored cover) and then purchased a new car seat for Ellie. New car seats are always exciting! 🙂


Ellie and I had a nice week – a few less errands to run which meant more fun at home while Ethan took his morning naps. We had breakfast on the front porch a few mornings in the shade:


We visited with some friends on Friday morning. Ellie knew they had a puppy dog, so on the way to their house she kept asking if I’d help her pet the puppy dog. She had the words all out of order, so we spent a few minutes getting the words ordered correctly. When we showed up at our friend’s house, she asked “mommy, will you help me pet the puppy?” I was so proud! 🙂

She got stuck at the top of the playplace at McDonald’s this week because some kids came in and scared her. Grammy had to climb up and save her. Later, Ellie kept saying “the boy tried to help me! I don’t like boys. They’re scary.” I doubt that feeling will last too long! 🙂

Gosh, she’s growing up!


You wouldn’t know it in this video of Ethan splashing in the tub, but he and I are both very sleep deprived! He’s going through his 8-month sleep regression – which means we are getting up SO MANY TIMES in the middle of the night lately. I’m hoping for a return to mostly-sleeping-through-the-night very, very soon!

What a great week it has been! This is how we’ve been spending our days – in the middle of the family room!


We moved the coffee table out of the way so Ethan could have more room to play. Chaos ensues… and I love it!

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