Acacia Custom Art

A Custom Painting made by my friend Michelle
A Custom Painting made by my friend Michelle

A friend of mine from OBU started an Etsy store for her canvas paintings. If you’ve never heard of Etsy, it’s an on-line store where people make all sorts of crafts and sell them. Some people make things and post them for sale, others request items to be made and people who want to make them bid for the opportunity to make that item. My friend Michelle’s Etsy store, also known as “Acacia Custom Art” has about seven canvas paintings posted for sale, but then she also takes custom orders.

For Christmas, we decided to get my parents a painting for their house. I looked at Michelle’s current paintings and picked different details that I liked about them and came up with a list of what I wanted for my painting. I picked the colors, the font, the verse and the words I wanted emphasized. I e-mailed Michelle with all of my detailed requests. She responded with some more questions to make sure the painting met my expectations. I had asked for the background of the painting look a lot like another one of her other paintings she had posted. Then a great question she asked in return was, “since this is for your parents, would you like me to make the background look a little less grungy than the painting you mentioned?” I wouldn’t have thought that was an option, but it was, because it’s custom! Michelle has an eye for the paintings she creates and is able to come up with great ideas that I would not have thought of! She asked a few other questions to make sure she was going to create exactly what I wanted. She sent me a “proof” picture which was basically the layout of all the text and the swirls. She told me that she wanted to make the text stand out a little more by using some gold highlights – I thankfully agreed! There was part of a swirl I didn’t like, so I let her know and she changed it. A few weeks later, my painting was posted on Michelle’s Etsy site and ready for me to purchase using PayPal!!

A few days later the painting arrived at my front door in a huge box, to protect the painting. We opened it up and were blown away. I knew it’d be a great painting, but seeing it in person was so exciting! When we gave it to mom & dad for Christmas, they loved it!


Michelle’s paintings are so beautiful and one of a kind. She has such a sweet heart and loves to share her art… especially through God’s Word.

You can check out Michelle’s Etsy store here: and then you can e-mail her for custom orders here:

Enjoy! I know I’ll be ordering a few more pictures from Michelle in this next year!

Happy 2010 everyone!