A Weekend of Softball and Family

Dinner on the Porch
Dinner on the Porch

Zach’s parents came up for a visit this weekend, we didn’t have anything planned, but ended up doing lots of stuff. We had a softball game on Thursday night. It was a very easy game, but it was fun. We had Friday off and just enjoyed hanging out. Saturday we subbed for a Monday night league softball makeup game early in the morning, then Zach subbed again for a men’s league makeup game. It was cloudy in the morning, but then the sun came out and we got some sun! Sunday and Monday were productive days where we installed a new ceiling fan and planted some bushes in the front yard. Zach’s parents love to plant, so when they come out here they love to plant things for us! Monday night Zach subbed again for the Monday night softball league. We had a great weekend, every evening we had dinner on our back porch or on Rick & Alisa’s back porch… and of course played Cowboy Golf. Thanks for visiting Mom & Dad Moon!