A Week of Blessings!

Lori, Susan & Jake visiting new-born Tucker at the hospital!
Lori, Susan & Jake visiting new-born Tucker at the hospital!

This week didn’t seem to be something that would be super exciting since Zach was going to be in Salt Lake City and my plan was to work a lot… but it ended up being full of blessings!

Sunday night, I got a call from my long-time friend Josh. Him and his wife, Billie Joy, live in Cedar Park, TX – we had a short visit with them in Colorado Springs at Christmas because they were out visiting his grandparents, but we don’t get to see them very often. Both attend and work at Dallas Baptist University – thus the reason we don’t get to see them very much! Josh drives a bus for the different sports teams at DBU and he was on his way to Denver with the team! So we went downtown on Monday evening to have dinner with Josh!! It was a blessing to get to spend the evening just chatting with him!!

Zach left for Salt Lake on Tuesday morning – for a busy week! I planned on working late on Tuesday, but Zach’s cousin, Jessica (whom I call my cousin!) was going to work out at our gym so I decided I’d meet her there. So we worked out on machines next to each other and just talked about life. It was fun – nothing big, but it was a nice blessing to spend some time with her at the gym. Then I came home and worked on some more work stuff.

Wednesday evening I got to have dinner with Amber. This Friday was her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!) and we try to get together once a month – so we got to have dinner for her birthday week! We met at Outback in Castle Rock and just enjoyed talking. We love when we can get together and chat face-to-face instead of on e-mail or facebook!

Our friends Adam & Kristen, from church, had their first baby on Thursday. March 12th was their due date – and of the most punctual people we know – they had their baby ON their due date! I thought that was pretty cool!! I called Jake & Susan, and the three of us went to visit them Thursday night at the hospital. Kristen had a very easy delivery – only 40 minutes or so! When we walked in the room, Tucker was only 9 hours old!! In the picture above, Tucker is laying in a “heating bed”. Adam & Kristen were doing great and they’re so excited!! We’re excited for them!! They got to go home tonight (Saturday night).

Friday ZACH CAME HOME! He texted me as he was coming home, every main street, so I knew when he’d be coming down our street!! So I ran out to meet him in the driveway! I love to meet him at the door when he comes home from a trip! We spent Friday night and Saturday just enjoying our time together.

Saturday night we played Guitar Hero with Jake & Susan and then had dinner at an Italian restaurant down town. It was a fun evening. Spending time with friends as a couple is always a blessing!

So, even though I missed Zach this week, he had a pretty busy week and I had a busy work week – it was still full of blessings and friends! God is good!