A Sunny Winter!


Here is it the middle of February and I’ve not blogged since Christmas – yikes! We haven’t been terribly busy, but we sure have enjoyed the last few months. We’ve done open gym gymnastics at the rec center a few times and had a few play dates. Since the weather has been in the 50’s and 60’s quite a bit the last two months, we’ve been able to go for bikes rides around the block (Ellie rides her bike with training wheels still and Ethan rides a tricycle that I can push), visited parks and played in the backyard! It’s been really nice to get outside for a few hours a day when there’s no snow outside.

IMG_7640 IMG_7644

Ellie is enjoying preschool and learning lots! She still doesn’t really tell us about her day or about the kids in her class, but I’m told she’s very outgoing and sweet to everyone. Ellie loves being helpful around the house and will generally help pick things up and be really proud of her work. She’s still a very picky eater but we’ve gotten her to try a few news things lately. She loves being outside and has gotten really good at riding her bike – she’s strong enough now to ride up the driveway without help! She’s pretty proud of herself when she does that. She’s still nervous around some people, but then other people energize her and she becomes wired! She loves snuggling with us and is really good at reading our facial expressions. She’s still a stinker to her brother but is really sweet to him at other times! She likes to start counting, only after Ethan has started, and can usually count from 1 to 100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s – with just a little bit of help.


Ethan LOVES to write letters and numbers these days. He used to yell letters and numbers until we wrote them for him, now it’s awesome to see him doing it for himself and he’s really good at it! He seems to be left-handed, just like Ellie! I’m not even sure how that happens – we’ll see if they both stick with left as they get a little older. Ethan loves being outside, playing on the playground. He’s really strong and doesn’t make me nervous on the playground at this age like Ellie did at this age! Second-child syndrome probably 🙂 Two of Ethan’s two-year molars have popped out of the gums and we’re just waiting for the last two! Hallelujah! I’ll be glad when teething is done – it’s been pretty hard on Ethan – runny nose and diaper rash all from teething, yuck! Ethan knows phonics really well and he’ll make the “m” sound “mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mama!” or “t, t, t, tree!” all on his own. He loves singing songs and dancing too! He can count by 5’s to 100 and by 10’s to 100. He can count from 1 to 100, with a little bit of help. We’ve started doing a “quiet day” in his room for nap time lately. He was fighting naps and when he did nap he would fight bedtime. So now, he has a “quite day” in his room for about an hour playing with some foam numbers and reading books. On occasion, he’ll lay down and take a 30-minute nap, but either way, it makes bedtime so much easier! Some days he might need a longer nap, but it’s been pretty easy to adjust as needed and still be consistent with him happy to have a “quite day”.


Here are some other funny things about the kids from the last few months that I wrote down:


– She said “this is blowing my mind” when we drove around looking at Christmas lights – it was hilarious (yea, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged!)

– We watched the wheels turning in her head one morning to torment Ethan and we told her, “Ellie, be nice…” and she said “just wait, this is gonna be good!” We couldn’t help but laugh!

– Zach was out of town for a few nights. Before bed, I told Ellie we should call daddy. We talked to him for about 30 seconds and then Ellie started bawling, so we got off the phone. I asked what was wrong and she said “mommy, I wouldn’t be upset if we hadn’t called daddy!” So, I guess next time I won’t offer to call daddy!

– When something is inside-out, Ellie calls it “inside-outside”.

– Ellie LOVED Katy Perry in the Super Bowl half-time show. She thinks Katy Perry is our friend, it’s hilarious! She also enjoyed the National Anthem – when we told her that was Elsa singing, she said, “where are her powers?”



– He was saying all the letter’s on Zach’s Mountain Dew shirt one morning and when he was done, he said “that spells shirt!”

– Ethan learned about the “I spy” game from Barney. He likes to say “I spy something 15” – so he doesn’t quite get it yet!

– Ethan picked up Zach’s credit card while we were paying at a restaurant. He yelled “mumbers” because of the numbers on the card, but it totally sounded like “money!” and we just died laughing!

– Ethan picked up a plastic baseball bat and held it up to his eye and said “pirate ship” – like he was looking for a pirate ship!


– He’s learned how to count from “The Count” on Sesame Street and he’ll sometimes count like “One, ahh. ahh. ahh. Two, ahh. ahh. ahh” It’s really funny

– Ethan is pretty good at sigh words. He recognizes quite a few words. He has a “Do Not Enter” sign he knows from his train set. At open gym last week there was a “Do Not Use” sign and he pointed to it “do”, “not”, “enter!” He at least got the first two words right!

– Ethan came downstairs from his quiet day last week and said, “Ellie! Surprise! I’m coming down. Had quiet day!” It was so cute! He is always so excited to go see Ellie after his quiet day!

– There’s an Elmo video on Sesame Street where Ricky Gervais sings a silly song to Elmo – he starts screaming really loud and Ethan just gets a kick out of it – we had to take a video of his reactions!


See more pictures from the last few months in the January-February 2015 photo album.