A Pregnant Lady’s To-Do List

Here's our crib!
Here’s our crib!

Here we are at 23 weeks. We had another ultrasound on Friday to check on our baby’s spine. During the last major ultrasound, they couldn’t get a good picture of her spine so they decided we needed another ultrasound… which is always okay with us! At the appointment we could see her spine wonderfully and it looked great! We couldn’t get a good profile picture, which is why you haven’t seen a new picture of our baby’s face… but because of her positioning the ultrasound tech was able to confirm that our baby girl is definitely a baby girl!

I’ve had some good energy the past few weeks, so we’ve taken advantage of my ability to do a little bit more… before the third trimester comes along and I most-likely lose my energy again. Here are some of the things we’ve gotten done in the past few weeks:

  • We ordered our glider with a pink accent pillow. We should get it in about 8 weeks.

  • Our crib came in last weekend and we got it put together this weekend. My parents got us our crib, mattress and the bedding bumper we picked out. The bumper is on order and should come in between 3-5 weeks.

  • We got our main set of cloth diapers. Zach’s parents bought us these adjustable all-in-one diapers which will be used from the time our baby is 7 lbs. through potty-training…as well as any kids to come after that! We’ll still need some smaller diapers for our baby as a newborn, but we’ll get those later.

  • The guest bedroom is now also the office and everything fits nicely. All the “junk drawer” items now have a place in a new cabinet in our living room. With all the other little tables gone, we have room for baby toys/equipment in the living room. So, out of everything I was trying to get moved around and cleaned up, it’s all finally put away! And now there’s room in the kitchen cabinets/drawers for all those baby things we don’t have yet!

  • All the hand-me-down clothes and toys have been cleaned and put away. The basement floor was completely covered with all of that stuff and now it’s clean. Our cabinet under the TV (especially made with the idea of putting kid stuff in it) has some cute bins that now have some toys in them! I even took some of the toys/equipment, that are for 9 months plus, and wrapped them up in trash bags and put them in the crawl space. That way they’re ready and clean when we need them.

  • Our registry is 80% complete. I’m going Thursday night with Missy to Babies’R’us to register for all the baby-care items. Those were things we had NO IDEA what we needed and decided we needed help from a recent mom to know what to register for. After that, our main registry will be complete. We still need to register at Sweet Beginnings. That’s the store that has all the cloth diapers and accessories. The owner is in the process of getting her on-line registry set up, if she doesn’t get it up in time, we’ll just ask for gift certificates to Sweet Beginnings because that’s the only place we can get all those cloth diaper accessories.

  • Zach installed a ceiling fan in the nursery and it’s starting to look like a baby’s room!

From the looks of it, it seems like we have so much done and don’t have much left on my to-do list…. that’s encouraging!

This is what we have left:

  • Sand and paint the nursery furniture. I couldn’t find a dresser that I liked, so we decided we could take my old bedroom furniture and paint it white for the nursery. We also have a baby changing topper from Kristen that will get painted to go on top of the dresser. That task probably won’t get started for another month, but it’ll happen before our little girl arrives.

  • Decorate the nursery. We already had our light blue walls painted, from last summer when we did an over-haul of most of the paint colors in the house. We knew that light blue would work for both a boy or a girl. We didn’t want to go over-board with pink walls! After picking out the bedding, we figured out what should go on the walls. We found a 20 inch by 20 inch stencil at Hobby Lobby to use for the walls. We took the fabric swatch to Home Depot and picked colors for the stencil. This weekend, I started painting the walls, but I have a LONG WAY to go. It takes about an hour to get through painting all four colors to cover the stencil once. I’ve got three of the stencils done so far. I think it’ll take a total of six stencils on the first wall I’ve done. During this week I’ll try to do one a night, which will get the wall behind the crib complete. Then I have to decide if I continue all the way around the room! You’ll notice in the picture of the crib above that you can’t see anything on the walls… I did that on purpose. You can’t see it until it’s done! And don’t worry, as I sponge paint on the stencil I have the windows open and the fan (thanks Zach) on high. With the small amount of paint I’m using, it’s not bad. I still have to pick out curtains and a few other decorations for the walls. At least we have a plan that is coming together. Originally I thought we’d just paint some sort of polka-dots on the walls, I never thought it would look this original and fun!

That’s all that is on our to-do list for now. I know that more things will come up that we want to do. But I think once those things are done, I will feel like we’re “ready”… or as ready as we’re going to be!! We start our Bradley classes in late August… so really, that will help us be ready for real!! How exciting!!

I feel our baby kicking all the time and we talk to her a lot while she’s kicking. We even were able to SEE her moving on the outside of my belly a few times this week. It’s amazing!!