A Painting Job Beyond All Painting Jobs

The almost new family room...
The almost new family room…

Most of you have seen the inside of our house – with the greenish/grayish paint in the family room and dining room… needing a new paint job. A few years ago we painted walls in the newly finished basement and the kitchen, master bathroom and hallway upstairs, as well as a few accent walls — but did not attempt to tackle the job of climbing the huge walls in the family room to cover the green.

Well, this week we did it! Zach’s parents were in town and one evening we decided we’d tackle the job!

We did lots of prep work in Monday & Tuesday evenings prior to Wednesday – the initial paint day. Some of our friends recently told us how to tape corners so that paint does not bleed – that was a lot of prep work… but totally worth it.

Zach took off work on Wednesday and Thursday and Lori was able to get off work early on Wednesday and all day Thursday. Even though Lori was really stressed with work, some how it all came together and she felt like she could actually take vacation time to work on the house – without feeling like she wasn’t getting something complete at work!

When Lori came home from work a little after noon on Wednesday, almost the whole dining room was done and half of the family room was painted with the first coat. They left the high stuff for Lori, she likes to climb ladders and do the detail work up high. Zach’s mom finished the job by painting the base-boards with a new coat of white paint… to make them look almost new!

So here it is, Thursday night, and we’re done!! The old green is now covered with an oatmeal color. It looks fantastic with the orange accent walls and other colors in the house!! But that’s not all! We ordered NEW CARPET today! It will be installed within the next month and we can’t wait! It’s a chocolate brown color – which will look great with our new lighter color walls and new white base-boards!

So there you have it – a painting job beyond all painting jobs! We didn’t think we’d get it done any time soon and once we started we thought it would take all week – but it took basically less than 36 hours! Check out more pictures of the house in our Home Improvements Photo Album. You should stop by and see the house sometime – it’s better than pictures! We plan to paint our master bedroom and the rest of the base-boards in the next few weeks and we’ll post more pictures during the process – and when we get new carpet!

Tomorrow is an off-Friday, so we have all weekend to relax!